Blox Fruit Island Level Requirements Roblox Guide

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How to Complete Blox Fruit Island Level Requirements as a Newbie

In Blox Frruit Island one of the three major sea divisions is divided into three parts, each of which loosely follows the progression of one of the main. To me, One Piece is a story that just gets better with time.Each of these quests requires you to complete a set of challenges in order to ascend to the next higher level.

Blox Fruit Currency highest level requirement is 2300. Let’s try not to go beyond of ourselves, though. Following are the list of islands and level requirements which is divided up by seas.

First Sea Blox Fruit Level Requirements

  • Starter Pirate Island requirement: From Level 0-10
  • Starter Marine Island requirement : From Level 0-10
  • Jungle Fruit requirement: Starts From Level 15-30
  • Pirate Village: Starts From Level 30-60
  • Desert Starts From: Level 60-90
  • Middle-Island From : Level 100
  • Frozen-Village: 90-120
  • Marine-Fortress: 120-150
  • Skylands: 150-200
  • Prison: Level between 190-275
  • Colo-sseum: Level 225-300
  • Magma-village: Level 300
  • Underwater-city: Level between 375-450
  • Fountain-city: Level from 625-700

Second Sea Roblox Fruit Level Requirements

  • Kingdom of Rose: Level starts from 700 to 850
  • Usoap’s-Island: Level starts at 700
  • Mansion: Level starts at 1000
  • Green-Zone Level Requirement: 875-925
  • Graveyard: Level Requirement 950-975
  • Snow Mountain: Level Starts at 1000-1050
  • Hot and Cold Sea: Level between 1100-1200
  • Cursed Ship Sea: Level between 1000-1325
  • Ice Castle: Level between 1350-1400
  • Forgotten Island: Level 1425-1475
  • Dark-arena: Level between 1000
  • The-cafe: Safe Zone

Third Sea Blox Fruit Level Requirements.

  • Port-town: Level Requirement 1500-1575
  • Hydra-Island: Level Requirement 1575-1675
  • Great Tree: Level in between 1700-1750
  • Floating Turtle: Level Starts from 1775-2000
  • Haunted-castle: Level from1975 to 2075
  • Sea of Treats: Level from 2075 to 2275

You can watch this video If you want to reach at level 2300

No one is able to travel all over the world easily. So, even you finally get to the end, you will not be able to get a story to tell. So these are the some Blox Fruit Level requirements if you have any suggestion you can comment below.

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