Ghee Price in Pakistan | Cooking Oil Prices 2023

Are you looking for latest Ghee price in Pakistan then you land on the right website because we have added all companies latest cooking oil prices and data collected through different retail stores.

In Pakistan one of the most important daily routine food item is Ghee also know as cooking oil. According to the research of USA agriculture average consumption of Ghee in Pakistan is 24kg per capita which is huge then any other country.

Ghee price in Pakistan

Due to the government of Pakistan taxes and duties Ghee and Oil prices does not remain stable. Industry top cooking oil stake holders always remain conflict with government with regards of changing Ghee prices.

Ghee oil is of the most used product in your daily cooking routine and you will be surprised to know that we as Pakistani consume more Ghee or cooking oil then India or China which is not good news. As unsaturated fatty acids present in the Ghee cooking oil are dangerous for our health and they can trigger inflammation which can potentially cause heart attack.

Ghee Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Below you can find latest Ghee prices in Pakistan and we try our best to update it when price changes in the market.

Ghee Company NamePrice
Dalda Cooking Oil 5 Liter2700 PKR
OK Ghee & Cooking Oil 5 Liter2468 PKR
Meezan Ghee & Cooking Oil 5 Liter2700 PKR
Dalda Cooking Oil 1 Liter540 PKR
Sufi Ghee & Cooking Oil 5 Liter2705 PKR
Eva Cooking Oil & Ghee 5kg2651 PKR
CanoLive Cooking Oil & Ghee 5kg2650 PKR
Sufi Sun Flower Ghee 5kg2700 PKR
Seasons Conola Ghee and Oil 5 Liter2650 PKR
Season Corn Oil 3 Liter1780 PKR
Golden Sun Cooking Oil 5 Liter2760 PKR
Sufi Soyabeen Ghee 5 Kg2675 PKR
Rafan 3 Liter Corn Oil2700 PKR
Kisan Sun Flower 5 Liter Cooking Oil2725 PKR
Habib Ghee & Cooking Oil 5 Liter2666 PKR
Kausar Ghee & Cooking Oil x5 Liter2666 PKR
Asaal Cooking Oil & Ghee 5 Kg2340 PKR
Meezan Cooking Natural Sources Oil 4.5 Liter2250 PKR
Tullo Cooking Oil 5 Liter2472 PKR
Awam Banaspati 5 KG Ghee2049 PKR
Soy Supreme Cooking Oil 5 Liter2633 PKR
Eva Sunflower 5 liter Cooking Oil2800 PKR
Sehat Cooking Oil 800ml1999 PKR
Olivola 5 Liter Cooking Oil2900 PKR

Best Ghee & Cooking Oil Companies in Pakistan

Here is the list of top notch Cooking and Ghee providing companies in Pakistan so if you are interested to know who provides best quality Ghee & oil and you can choose your favorite ones.

  • Data Cooking Oil & Banaspati
  • Habib Cooking Oil
  • Sufi Cooking Oil
  • Mezan Cooking Oil
  • Eva Cooking Oil
  • Soya Supreme Banaspati
  • Seasons Canola Cooking Oil
  • Kisan Cooking Oil
  • Kashmir Cooking Oil
  • CanOlive Cooking Oil
  • Lahore Oil & Ghee Industries
  • Bilal Oil Mills
  • Al-Fazal Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Fazal Cooking Oil Industries
  • Farooq Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Qureshi Oil Mills
  • Azeem Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Mukhtar Oil Industries
  • Al-Noor Oil & Ghee Industries
  • Ghousia Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee Mills
  • Pakistan Oil Extraction (PVT) Limited
  • Al-Rehman Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Al-Fazal Oil Refinery (Pvt) Ltd
  • Tariq Oil & Ghee Industries
  • Al-Masha Allah Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Al-Munir Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Al-Zamin Oil & Ghee Industries
  • Al-Hilal Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Al-Hira Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee
  • Al-Barkat Cooking Oil & Banaspati Ghee

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies and we have listed latest Ghee price in Pakistan for the informational purposes only. Its up you which company ghee you like the most. If you want to tell us your favorite cooking oil and Ghee company then comment below.

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