How to Buy Google Play Console Developer Account in Pakistan

Hello, In this post I will tell you how you can buy Google Play console developer account while living in Pakistan. If you have a credit card with any top banks in Pakistan then it’s not a difficult task for you. This post is only designed for users who do not have a Bank account and looking for an easy solution.

If you do not have a debit or credit card still you do not need to worry because you can still buy Google play console developer account with Easypaisa JazzCash.

You can use the kukichanger exchange service to buy a virtual credit card that works 100% on the Google Play console system and you can easily pay registration fees through VCC card. The card we provide to our clients can be registered under any name and address so later on if Google asks you to verify your identity then you can easily verify it.

If you do not know what is virtual card its mostly used for anonymous online payments and security. Mostly virtual cards are non-reloadable but some banks like UBL offers reloadable WIZ card for online payments. Our virtual card is expensive but a good solution for those who do not have a credit card.

To get started simply purchase virtual cards through us. Login to Google Play console system, accept terms and conditions and pay the registration fee through the virtual card. We have found that virtual cards work perfectly on their system so do not worry whether it works or not.

VCC card price:

30$ (8500 PKR)



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So, in this way you can easily purchase Google Play console developer account in Pakistan. If you have any suggestion or query you can comment below.

Note: We are not financial institution we only facilitate online payments and help out users who needs online payment solution.

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