How to Buy/Sell Webmoney in Pakistan | Easypaisa Jazzcash

In this tutorial, we will look at, how to exchange Webmoney to Easypaisa or Webmoney to  Jazzcash and Bank Transfer in Pakistan.

Webmoney is a Moscow based internet digital e wallet that provides multiple e currency transactions in their own specific units such as  WMZ etc. Webmoney supports almost all countries and all top currencies especially USD, EURO, RUSSIAN etc. Sending from WMZ to WMZ cost 0.8 units and also fees depends on the type of wallet you have on Webmoney.

withdraw webmoney in Pakistan

Kukichanger is an e currency exchanger in Pakistan that fully supports Webmoney platform WMZ Dollars, you can easily withdraw webmoney dollars in Pakistan through kukichanger system and also you can also buy Webmoney  dollars as well by sending us payments through Easypaisa, Jazzcash or Bank account. Now, lets take a look, how to exchange Webmoney dollars to Easypaisa or Jazzcash through kukichanger.

Webmoney Withdraw in Pakistan

Step 1) In order to withdraw webmoney you need to first  register your account on kukichanger website  : Link


Step 2) After successful registration, your account will be setup and you will see a dashboard where you can place webmoney cash out order.

Step 3)  In the send option select webmoney USD and the receive option as Easypaisa, Jazzcash or Bank Transfer PKR. After that enter the amount you are looking to withdraw and then hit the exchange button.

Step 4) Now you will see additional information section where you have to enter your kukichanger account email. easypaisa, jazzcash or bank account details. After filling up the required fields hit the process exchange button.

Step 5) Now check out the total payment you have to send to our webmoney account and then click on confirm order button.


Step 6) Now login into your webmoney account, In the WMZ transfer section select transfer to a purse option.

Step 7) Now copy the Webmoney payment details in order to transfer funds from your WMZ  wallet to WMZ account.


Step 8) Now copy the Webmoney transaction id and enter in your Kukichanger exchange order. We will complete your order as soon as much possible approx. 20 min to 1 hour during working hours.

Buying Webmoney Dollars in Pakistan:

For Exchanging Easypaisa to Webmoney or Bank Transfer, you have to follow almost all same steps. Instead of choosing Webmoney to Jazzcash PKR, select Jazzcash, Easypaisa to Webmoney USD and complete your payment. Your order will be processed as we receive payment from your end.

Webmoney Dollar Exchange Fees:

For calculating our exchange fees for all e currencies, just login into your account dashboard. Click on Exchange calculator and select your required parameters to know how much dollars or PKR you will receive.



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