How to Copy Pictures and Earn Money For Free

Hi, Guys, In this post Kukichanger will guide you legit ways you can use to make 100$ of dollars per month with the how to copy pictures and earn money for free method. All you need a laptop or phone and you can start making money latterly copying and pasting images online.

I know it looks like crazy but it really works and you need to learn method to earn money copy and pasting pictures online. I will guide you steps by step so you can start implementing this strategy by yourself.

How to Copy Pictures and Earn Money Kukichanger

First you need to visit a website named as which is a library of stock images. Their is a lot of pictures available on rawpixel but we will focus on public domain stock. Let me guide you that public domain images are free of copyright so you can use it without any issue.

Rawpixel contain many famous pieces of art work that are available for free to use it. Like many artist who die out but their creative work is available in public domain. We can leverage with that amazing piece of artwork and start earning profit from it.

You should not focus on most popular art work pictures rather than look at amazing art work images. Because you most probably would not be able to sell most famous ones due to high competition. Download pretty cool art work pictures and you do not need to pay anything because public domain pictures are available for free.

ETSY Sell Pictures Online

Now the 2nd step is to use to upload your downloaded amazing art work. Let me tell you about ETSY if you do not know about it. Its a digital market place where you can sell both physical as well as digital products. Many people are selling art works on Etsy so you can also earn money through their website too.

You have to create your own ETSY store and the process in pretty simple. Just sign on their platform and complete on screen mentioned details to create store. After that you need to create account which is a great tool to add your favorite art work on T shirts, cups just like mock up.

In this strategy we are using Printful wall art option to design our products that we can sell on Etsy in order to earn money from it. Some people would like frame postures while other may like unframed postures so you should focus on both. One of the good thing about Printful is that you can also connect it with Etsy store so you directly transfer your design templates to your store.

When anyone order your product from Etsy then it automatically deliver from Printful so you do not need to do anything. Everything will be passive that is why its a good strategy to make money online. At you start you should offer low price in order get customer and also check different shipment fees of prinful.

If you take this thing seriously then you can make potentially 1000$ per month online and you can use kukichanger to withdraw money. Hopefully you have learned something about how to copy pictures and earn money for free.

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