How to Create Working Paypal Account in Pakistan

Hello friends, In this post, I will tell you how you can create a Paypal account in Pakistan. It is one of the first payment method introduced in the world that supports online payments. Since Paypal is a bank so buyers do not need to enter their credit card information on the website during checkout and also a dispute system is also there to protect buyers from fraud or scam so it is a win situation for buyers.

One of the major drawbacks of Paypal is its too much-restricted policies and not available in every country. Paypal is not available in Pakistan so you cannot use it legally but still, there are certain ways People in Pakistan use it because it is one of the most widely used in the online business industry. If you are a freelancer or doing an online drop shipping business or any kind of work online then you need a working Paypal account.

 Why Create Paypal Account in Pakistan

If you are thinking that why I need to have a Paypal account in Pakistan? If you are an online learner or a businessman who sells stuff online outside the country then you need to have a Paypal account. If you are in the list of online merchants and your competitor has a Paypal account then their sales can be ten times more than you. If you are new to the online digital marketing world or you just looking to start a dropshipping or personal store online to sell items to other countries then you need a Paypal account.

How to Create Paypal Verified Account in Pakistan?

To start creating a Paypal account you need to have either a Payoneer account or a virtual credit card to verify your account. Almost 4 to 5 years ago, this method works well and everyone uses it to withdraw their funds from freelancer websites but now this method some time works and sometimes does not. For small money like 10 to 20$ this method works but if you are looking for a long term solution then this method does not work. Recently, I withdraw 40$ from a freelancer website into my Paypal account which is verified with a virtual credit card but Paypal suspends my account as money comes into my account.

If you search on Google or Youtube, then you will see everyone will tell you to do this and that but the truth is none of that method works. They do not have either knowledge or they are thinking that they are geniuses then Paypal Company. Tricks usually work for a small period so if you are looking for a long term solution then you need to create a real account that follows all policies of Paypal.

How to Create Working Paypal Account in Pakistan?

If you do not want to put your money at risk then you have to create a Paypal account outside the country. If anyone of your relatives live abroad like Dubai, Saudi Arabia or any other country then you can ask them to create a Paypal account for you. You can use that Paypal account in Pakistan without any issue. All other methods can put your Paypal account at risk so all your deposit money will be lost if Paypal banned you. So, I highly recommend you to create a Paypal account abroad and use it in Pakistan.

Never Pay Anyone to Create Paypal For You

Here in Pakistan, some websites claim that they can create a Paypal account for you if you pay them like 1000 PKR or 2000 PKR. They usually create a temporary Paypal account by verifying it with a virtual credit card that only works for a small period. After that, you will unable to log in or to transfer funds because Paypal put your account in limited mode. Paypal with asking you to send documents that you cannot send as a Pakistani because Paypal is not available in Pakistan.

Alternatives to Paypal in Pakistan

Sometimes you do not need to create a Paypal account because on the website you are working has other payment gateways to withdraw funds. Other E-wallets are Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash. So if you have any other e-wallet option available on the website through you are earning money then use other options rather than Paypal.

To deposit or withdraw funds from E-wallets like Webmoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, Advcash, Skrill you can use our kukichanger.

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    • For Perfect Paypal Account I recommend you to ask any of your friend or relative who live abroad to create account for you.

  1. One of my relative lives in Saudi Arabia.How he can create an accout for me and how can I withdraw money from here in Pakistan??


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