How to Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan Fast

Hello friends, in this post I will discuss about different types of ways through you can earn Bitcoin in Pakistan. As you know that Bitcoin is a hot topic right now, everyone loves to earn Bitcoin due to its increase in value. In 2009 Bitcoin price is 1$ and now its price is 11000$ so if anyone had bought or earned Bitcoin at that time and hold it then now he is a millionaire.

Here are the few ways to earn Bitcoin;

  1. Faucet Claiming:

It is one of the easiest ways to earn Bitcoin, you just have to complete captchas to earn satoshis. You cannot earn decent amount of money through this way but you can earn good amount of money if you are faucet admin. As a faucet admin you can earn good amount of money by investing few dollars. You have to give few satoshis to users who will work on your site and watch ads placed on your website and in return you will earn ads revenue.

Faucet Hub link:

  • Airdrops/Bounty Campaigns:

It is also easy way to earn cryptocurrency, you just have to support new start up crypto based company like following them on telegram, Facebook, Twitter. To increase awareness new startup companies offers tokens to users who promote them on social media sites. Airdrop is one time tasks while bounty tasks usually performed on daily bases and every week you have to submit report on bitcointalk thread. If you have good amount of social media following then you can earn good amount of money through this way.

Airdrop website link : Link is here

  • Affiliate Marketing:

It is one of the top methods to earn money online and also passive money making method. New startup companies have ICO in which they offer like 5% referring commission on selling their tokens. Companies like Coinbase, crypto exchanges and crypto based companies’ offers referring commission to users who brings new users on their platform. If you have good affiliate marketing skills then you can earn more than 1000$ per month through this way.

  • Bitcoin Mining:

Mining crypto currency is one of the good way to earn crypto coins but you need graphic card or dedicated device for this. Although this method is not free but you can earn monthly income. Cloud mining is also a mining method in which you do not have to buy mining hardware, you just give your investment to trusted companies they setup mining for you on their own location.

  • Trading Bitcoin:

Trading Bitcoin or other crypto currencies is a decent way of earning money but you need certain skills for this. You can start with 100$ and start trading crypto currency, later on when you start getting profit then you should invest more. Never invest too much that you cannot effort to lose because anything can happen to Bitcoin price. Binance is no one crypto exchange where you can start trading crypto coins but I recommend you do not store your bitcoin there for long term.

So these are the few ways to earn Bitcoin. If you want to exchange bitcoin then use our website

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