How to Earn Money Writing YouTube Description Copy and Paste

Hi guys, In this post I will guide you how to earn money writing YouTube Description Copy and Paste.

Many You Tubers do not have time to write YouTube Description so you can offer them a service through fiver and many users are already doing this thing to earn money online. You can also directly approach top YouTubers and ask them that “I will write Perfect YouTube Description for your Youtube Videos” and you can charge them like 5$ or 10$ per video description and tags.

How to Earn Money Writing YouTube Description Copy and Paste

What Does a YouTube Description Mean?

Every marketer has to be aware of the following two categories of descriptions:

Channel descriptions on YouTube. The text that appears on your channel’s About page. It assists customers in knowing what to anticipate from your brand and may be utilized to justify why they ought to subscribe to your channel.
Video descriptions on YouTube. The text that follows each video. It makes people more likely to locate and watch your video material. Links and any other information pertinent to your video may also be included.

Fiver Earn Money Writing YouTube Description & Tags

One of the most well-known platforms for freelancing in the globe is the Fiverr marketplace. Due of the low starting prices of the services, Fiverr is likely to draw customers. For every new freelancer, it is the most user-friendly site. The platform is incredibly reliable and safe. Anyone can simply understand the user interface because it is quite simple.

Here are the few simple steps you need to follow in order to start earning money by writing Youtube Description & tags

  1. First of all register on Fiver Platform
  2. Create a Gig like “I will write Youtube Description & tags for you”

3) Using Canva you can create Thumbnail images for your Fiver Gig

4) Copy other Fiver user Gig detail and make your own unique description with the help

of Quilbot AI which is a great tool to rewrite content easily.

5) You can also use Quilbot AI tool to write YouTube description for your clients when you get order on Fiver.

You can also directly approach top YouTubers through email in order to get work. You can grab any Youtuber email directly through their about page section>

Best Tips to Write Perfect YouTube Description

i) Be Specific :

Your descriptions’ keywords will aid YouTube’s system in classifying, understanding, and surfacing your material. The better the keywords, the more exact they should be.

ii) Use Keyword Research Tools:

You can use Google keyword planer or Google trends to find out best keywords related to your video.

iii) Use Searchable Keywords Only:

Instead of using YouTube itself, more and more individuals are finding YouTube videos through Google searches. To increase the visibility of your video, combine keywords that are based on Google and YouTube search trends.

iv) Avoid Click bait Technique :

Viewers will quit viewing your films midway through if you mislead them. Both your reputation and your search rankings are harmed by this. Avoid using irrelevant keywords and click-bait video titles. They might initially help you rank, but eventually YouTube’s search algorithm will figure them out.

v) Include Affiliate or Social Links :

You can add products links if you are promoting anything in the video also you can add your social media account links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts in order to get followers their.

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Hopefully, you have learned something after reading our post “How to earn money writing YouTube Description copy and paste method” If you have any suggestion you can comment below.

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