How to Start a Blog in Pakistan to Earn Money Online

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about blogging that how you can start a blog in Pakistan to earn money online. I will briefly guide you step by step how you can start a WordPress blog, grow and make money from it. You must have a goal to start a blog because most people want to start a blog to earn money which is a great idea. Maybe you are looking to start your online business to get more time freedom to travel the world or you just want freedom in your life.

Blogs are the websites where people post written content on a daily/weekly basis. Most people think that blogs can only about tech, news, and celebrity niche but it can by on any topic you can imagine. Through the blog you can share your opinion with likeminded people and readers can share their thoughts through the comment section. You do not need to be a good English writer to start a blog because there is no such thing. If you read the story of Abdul Wali who had not got any education is earning a good amount of money through his blog.

The following are the steps to start a blog in Pakistan fast

1) Choose Domain Name

It is one of the most important steps in starting a blog because you are establishing a brand name that can be your business name or your name. You should first know what kind of things you will discuss in your blog or what is your niche? For example, if you want to start a blog in cooking classes then you have to choose a domain that contains few keywords to represent cooking kind of thing.

check domain name

Your domain also must be easy to remember so people can visit your website directly. Make sure to use the dot com domain because it is one of the most popular domain name extension. Try to keep your domain name as short as possible and also make it brandable. For getting the best domain name I recommend you to go to the name boy website and enter a few keywords related to your niche and hit submit. After selecting your domain name registration with any hosting provider, you can use Bluehost to register because if you buy their yearly hosting package then you will get a free domain.

Here are the few tips for choosing a domain name:

  • Make it brandable
  • Do not put Hyphens in the domain name
  • Make your domain name unique.
  • Easy to remember
  • Make it shorter as much as possible
  • Go with Dotcom TLD extension

2) How to Get Your Blog Online

After you pick up a perfect domain name for your blog name, now you need to get it online. Now you have to follow some technical steps but do not worry I will make it easier for you.

To start a blog you need a domain, hosting and WordPress so you can start your blog fast without doing any kind of coding. You will get all these three things when you buy a hosting package of any hosting provider available on the internet. Hosting companies stores all your website contents and make it available online for your website visitors.

To Purchase a domain name and hosting you must have a debit/credit card. In Pakistan MCB lite, UBL, Faysal Bank, HBL, Allied bank and some others provide you these kinds of cards. But you need to activate your card session before using it online. Call your bank and ask them to activate your card session for an hour or two. They will ask you to provide little information and then they will activate your card session. You will not able to start a blog in Pakistan if you do not any a card.

  • Visit Bluehost website to register a domain name and hosting click on gets started: Link is here
  • Now chooses your favorite hosting package; mine recommended one is the basic plane.
hosting package
  • Now enter your favorite domain name and then click on the Next button. You will receive confirmation where your domain is already taken or available. If available then follow the next instruction otherwise change your domain name.
domain name
  • Now enter account information like first name, last name, your email address, etc.
  • In the package, the information section selects a 12-month plan to reduce costs.
bluehost package
  • Now remove extra selected things to lower cost.
  • Now make sure to have card session active with a maximum spending limit of 15000 so you can use it online.
  • Enter your card related information like CVV code, expiration date, etc.
  • Now check terms and condition box and then hit submit button.
  • If nothing goes wrong with your payment you will receive a confirmation on your email.
  • Now on the next page set up your account password.
  • Now login into your Bluehost Cpanel accounts to install WordPress on your blog website.

WordPress is software for building a website that let you runs websites or blog online. It is an easy solution for everyone to start a WordPress blog online because you do not need any kind of coding to start a blog online and also flexible options like thousands of plugins are there to use for free.

How to Install Word press?

  • Login into Bluehost Cpanel
  • Click on the website section and hit on install WordPress.
install wordpress
  • Select the website and do not enter anything in the directory section.
  • Then click on the install now button.
  • As WordPress installation completed you will receive a login URL with some login details.

Customize Your Blog:

After login into your WordPress dashboard area, you can customize your blog design. First, install your favorite theme by clicking on the appearance section and then click on themes. Now click on add new theme and select your favorite free theme and install it. For business blogs, I recommend you to use premium themes and for startup users, I do not recommend you to use a free theme.

wordpress install

To customize your theme click on appearance and hop over themes and then click on customize. Click on the header section and add your blog logo, you can generate a free logo for your blog just search on Google free logo maker. Now you will see websites that allow you to create a free logo for your website, click any of them and enter your blog name and hit the generate button. Select your favorite logo and download it on your computer.


How to Publish Your First Blog Post

On your blog dashboard area, there is a section called post, hover your mouse over it and click on add new post. Here, you can write your post Title and contents and minimum recommended words are 300 because Google does not rank below 300 words posts.


After you wrote up a full piece of content then set up a featured image, you can design your blog post featured image using canvas which is a free tool to design images. After adding feature image click on the publish button, now your blog post will start appearing on your website home page.

How to Earn Money Blogging?

Now after set up, your blog you would like to earn some money from it but you cannot start making money from your blog as you set it up. You have to post daily some pieces of content on it and when you start generating thousands of visitors then you can start earning money from it. You cannot able to earn any money without visitors because visitors are your customers, they will help you to earn money. The more visitors your blog receive the more money you will make.

Here are the few ways to earn money through your blog;

1) Adsense

It is a Google advertising company that allows you to monetize your blog to earn some money but you need a little bit of traffic on your website to get approval. Also, you must have a minimum of 30 posts on your blog before applying for Google Adsense and your content must be unique. If your blog gets traffic from Pakistan or India then you can expect 0.05$ per add click and for other countries CPC rate is good. Minimum withdrawal through this method is 100$ and you can get through the western Union in Pakistan.

If Google AdSense does not approve your blog then you can use other advertising networks to monetize your blog. Here is the list of top alternatives to Google Adsense to work in Pakistan

  • Propellerads
  • Media.Net
  • Popads
  • Revenuehits

2) Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliate marketing you can earn up to 10x more than your Google AdSense income. It is a kind of referral program in which you sell other companies’ products to earn some commission. If your blog gets good no of visitors like 10K per month then you can earn up to 1000$ through affiliate commission. You can review other company’s products on your blog or you can embed their banner code on your blog sidebar section. So whenever anyone of your visitor clicks on referral link and purchase product then you will earn a commission.

3) Selling Courses

You can sell courses online through your blog to earn money. You can create a course by creating premium videos or writing ebook and charge them your website regular visitors so if they are interested in buying your course. You can also sell your course on udemy which is an awesome way to earn 1000$ per month online. This method only works if you are teaching online about anything, for example, you can make a course on Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, web designing, etc.

How To SEO Your Blog

SEO means search engine optimization which is one of the major parts of getting traffic from Google. Just writing content and waiting for Google to do magically rank your website. That will not happen, you have to do SEO to get good no of visitors on your blog so you can earn a decent amount of money.

You have to learn proper white-hat SEO because if you do not do this well this thing can harm your blog rather than supporting. You have to write high-quality contents and also you need to build high authority backlinks to your blog post can compete with others.

Where to Learn SEO?

The first website I recommend you is Brainlinko. It is developed by Brian Dean who has exclusive knowledge about SEO and you can learn everything steps by step through their blog posts. Their real-life case stories will help you out to learn search engine optimization effectively. One of the best things I like about his blog is that he mentioned every step with Google search query which makes it easier for everyone to understand.

The 2nd website through I learned about SEO kind of things is Neil Patel blog and you can also read or watch his YouTube videos to learn more about SEO. You can use his SEO tools for free to analyze your blog and you can easily find your blog competitor to know what they are doing?

Creating do follow backlinks is one of the important parts in SEO to increase DA, PA of your blog. You can use a free ahrefs backlink checker tool to know how your competitor had created backlinks. Building up backlinks is not an easy part for this you have to struggle that is why Google considers this as part of ranking websites. On backlinko blog, you can find out the blog posts about different ways to create backlinks.

At the start, you have to struggle in ranking your blog because Google needs time to understand what your website/blog is all about. An average of about 6 months required for a blog post to rank well in Google. Only you need is to become stick towards blogging whether you are getting traffic at the start or not.

So, these are the exclusive guide to start a blog in Pakistan to earn money online. If you have any confusion then comment below.

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