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Are you looking for Loha scrap rate today Pakistan then you land on the right web page because we have added scrap rate of steel, plastic, copper, Tyre price of 2023.

Scrap means any material which is discarded for re processing and useful only after re production such as metal, paper plastic etc. Scrap industry in Pakistan has annual turn over of 3 billion dollar which can improve our country GDP if utilized properly.In the article you will learn about today Loha scrap rate in Pakistan and the important factors that trigger its rate.

Loha Scrap Rate Today Pakistan

In Pakistan if we look at many Afghani people who are doing Loha scrap business they are richer then normal person in Pakistan who are doing only normal job because its a thriving industry. You can also start a Loha scrape business if you have little bit money in your pocket as it is great opportunity for many peoples in Pakistan who do not have a job looking for some ways to make money.

If we look at the scrap rates in Pakistan its usually high due to huge population and it is used in may factories as they recycle it in order to make new products. You can check out list of companies who are working to recycle plastic and metal in Pakistan.

Loha Scrap Rate Today in Pakistan

If you want to know about the latest scrap rate in Pakistan then you will find it different across the country as it depends on which city you are living in. In Karachi Nigar super scrap rate is 117 per kg but in Lahore scrape rate is 120 per kg while in Peshawar rate is 120 to 120 per KG.

Tanba metal rate is 280 rupees, bras metal rate is 1085 rupees per Kg and today prime copper rate is 1085 pkr per kg.

Loha Scrap Rate Today Gujranwala/Karachi/Peshawar

The copper scrape rate is 1875 rupees and manganese scrap rate is 180 rupees per kg. Scrap battery rates in Pakistan starts from 200 to 300 PKR range. Below are the list of 1kg iron scrap price in Pakistan across the different cities.

Metal TypeLatest Price/Rate per KG
Copper1875 Rupees
Manganese180 Rupees
Copper Prime2040 Rupees
Battery240 Rupees
Steel180 Rupees
Tanba280 Rupees
Brass1085 Rupees

Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Below we have listed today Radi Kaghaz scrap rates in Pakistan per kg.

Peshawar Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate1 KG60 PKR
Lahore Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate1 KG60 PKR
Karachi Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate1 KG65 PKR
Quetta Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate1 KG60 PKR
Gujranwala Radi Kaghaz Scrap Rate1 KG65 PKR

Battery Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Below are the battery scrap rates in Pakistan across different cities like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi per kg today

Battery Scrap price in Lahore255 per KG
Battery Scrap price in Karachi255 per KG
Battery Scrap price in Guranjwala250 per KG
Battery Scrap price in Quetta250 per KG
Battery Scrap price in Peshawar255 per KG

So above the Loha scrap rate today in Pakistan is a easy way to start generating income as a noneducational person as you do not required any technical expertise to start scrap business and anyone can start it right away. if you have any query or suggestion then comment below.

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