Rundll32.exe Window Process Is it a Virus or Malware

Rundll32.exe is one of the important part of Microsoft Windows which is necessary for its launch functionality and normally used in DLL files. As an example if your are app in your system then need DLL files then you will errors if you disable Rundll32.exe. A DLL library file usually multiple codes at one time in Windows so its not recommended to disable any DLL file because it can disable many Windows app functions.

You should not disable rundll32.exe if it’s not causing any kind of issue like High CPU usage on your system. However, if you are experiencing issue with rundll32.exe, it could be a sign of a problem with other part of your computer or a malware infection.


You might want to try the following to resolve rundll32.exe problems:

  • Verify for malware: Use your antivirus programme to do a complete system scan to look for malware infections.
  • Verify the system for errors: Use the System File Checker (SFC) programme to check for corrupted system files and fix them.
  • Try replacing the DLL with a known-good copy or fixing the installation of the programmed that utilizes the DLL if rundll32.exe is throwing problems when attempting to run a specific DLL.

Is rundll32.exe Virus or Malware?

Rundll32.exe is not a virus or malware. It is a real Windows system file that runs dynamic link library (DLL) files for proper Windows app functions. Rundll32.exe is typically located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and runs DLLs that provide system functions or other application functionality.

However, certain malware infections can triggered itself as rundll32.exe to evade detection. If you are experiencing issues with rundll32.exe, you should scan your system with antivirus software to check for malware infections.

Let’s say you are still deciding whether a specific rundll32.exe instance on your machine is safe. If so, you can use a search engine to seek up the file name and determine whether it belongs to a known system file or is linked to a known programmed. Run a full system scan with your antivirus software to look for malware if you are unable to locate any information about the file.

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