Top 10 Freelance Websites in Pakistan Kukichanger

Online freelancing is a great opportunity for newbies to make money online while living in their homes. In Pakistan, every year a lot of students passed graduation but never get a job, for them online freelancing is a good option to generate income. You do not require any degree or certificate to earn money through freelancing websites.

Freelancing means that you are working for several companies at your schedule and timing. You can work as a part-time worker if you already have a job or you can start this as a career. If you are currently working in an office and want to utilize your extra spare time then freelancing is a great opportunity for you. If you are new in freelancing then you should first know your area of expertise so you can start making money online through freelancer websites.

Here is a list of top 10 freelance websites to earn money online in Pakistan kukichanger

1) Flexjobs

It is a legit job website where you can work on to earn money online and it covers almost all niches. They charge small membership fees but in return, they do one good thing. Unlike on freelancer website job posted are not being checked whether they are fake or real. On flexjobs real people first, check out a posted job then make available for freelancers to pitch on. If you want to save your time while finding out which job is real is fake then you should defiantly check out flexjob website.


2) Freelancer

It is an old legit website for you to start earning making money online without investing in a single dime. You can join this platform for free and as a free member, you can work on a maximum of 8 projects per month. For increasing the limit of your bid per month you have to pay for Premium membership. This website gets a 10% job fee which is not more than any other freelancer website out there.


3) Upwork

It is an amazing freelancer website that connects thousands of job posters to workers who are looking to make money online while staying at home. You can find any kind of job there from photography to interior designing, copywriting, blog writing, etc and there is no limit for it. They also deduct 20% earning of freelancer as fee which is a downside of this platform but still a good website for you to make money online in Pakistan.


4) Fiver

It is a unique freelancer platform for people who are just getting started and looking for a way to earn like 5$ or 10$ per day online. Fiver is different than other freelancer websites in which you have to create a gig around your area of expertise for example ‘I will create a professional voice over video for you. “I recommend this freelance website for everyone to earn money online in Pakistan because it’s easy to earn money rather than working on other freelancer websites. You do not need to have special skills to make money through fiver.

You can check out on fiver that people are earning like 1000$ just by offering photo background removal service. You need to watch a single YouTube video to master this to start earning money online with fiver which is awesome.


5) People Per Hour

It is also one of the most popular websites but the completion is too high there because around 1.5 million freelancers are there so you need to work hard to get a job on peopleperhour. As a beginner, you have to charge fewer fees than others to get succeeded. If you bid just like others then no one will hire you because you do not have any reviews or ratings.

6) Aquen

It is a freelancer website that has won many rewards in the freelance market but they do not accept every worker. They only provide jobs to workers who either have more than two-year experience or University graduates so this website is not for you if you are a beginner. They are looking to hire only high-quality workers who can provide maximum benefit to job posters.

7) 99Designs

It is a graphic designing based freelancer website where you can only earn money if you are a master of software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustrator. They cover almost all kinds of graphics-related jobs from logo designing to book covers. They do not charge any kind of membership fee so you can showcase your graphic designing expertise on their website.

8) Guru

It is a good freelancer website for you to earn money online and it has over 3 million users on their platform. If you are already working on some other freelancer website and looking to outsource or increase your writing-related work then it is a great website for you to join. The following are the jobs that are offered on Guru Website;

  • Android Developer
  • Article Writer
  • Programming Related Stuff
  • UX Developer
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Graphic Designer

9) Hireable

It is also an amazing website for freelancers to start earning money online. Their design and functions are the same as standard freelancer website where you get all necessary things. They accept users all around the globe and you can start earning through this website too.

10) Skyword

It is a good freelancer website for workers who can write better content and many vacancies can be seen there. They also support 27 countries and 13 languages. If you are a content writer or looking for a content writer for your website or blog then skryword is an awesome website to check it out.

So, these are the top 10 websites to earn money online in Pakistan kukichanger. If you know any better freelancer website then comment below.

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