Best VCC (Virtual Credit Card) Providers in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Normally Banks Debit or credit card does not support online transactions and sometime you need to activate your card session to use it online that takes a lot of time.  For getting rid of all these tensions you need a virtual credit card in Pakistan that can be used anonymously.


Virtual credit card is just like prepaid cards but you cannot hold them in your hand, only can be used for online shopping.  Some virtual cards can only be used for one time and some virtual cards can be re-loadable.  When anyone around the world made a purchase online via credit card then his credit card information stored online and can be misused later on.  For security reason everyone want a virtual card that can only be used one time.

If you want to make a purchase on non trusted website then you can try with virtual credit card so anyone can able to abuse you later on.  Virtual credit card numbers are not real one that is randomly generated numbers. So if your one virtual credit card got hacked you can get new one instantly. In normal debit or credit card there is maximum upload limit but in virtual card you can upload as much as you want.

In Pakistan Banks do not support online transactions, you cannot able to buy anything online easily so you need a virtual credit card that can be used at any time you need. Here is a list of Best Virtual credit cards providers in Pakistan;

  • UBL WIZ Card

UBL Bank is one of the oldest and best bank in Pakistan that provides its customers virtual prepaid card that can be used online for shopping and also reloadable. Everyone who has account in UBL can able to get this card instantly. For reloading this card you need to have net banking account set up on UBL digital website. . You can upload maximum 2 LAC on this card per day and you can use this card around the world on any website you want.

  • Faysal Mobit Virtual Card:

Faysal Bank which is also trusted bank in Pakistan provides Virtual prepaid card know as Mobit Card. For getting this card you must have a bank account in Faysal Bank. You can easily generate this card just visit to the official website of Faysal bank and login into your account. Upon generating new card you will get 16 digit card numbers, verification code and expiry date etc. Faysal Bank provides two types of virtual credit card; one is for one time use and other is reloadable.

  • MCB Lite card :

MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank) is one of the oldest bank in Pakistan provides its customers Prepaid lite card that can use online for shopping. For getting this card you have to visit nearest branch of Muslim bank and ask them for prepaid lite card. You have to fill up necessary form and within 30 days you will get your prepaid card at your home. As you join will get MCB Lite 0 and later on you can upgrade to MCB lite 1 to MCB Lite 2 to get more limits. You will be charged 300 Yearly fees but no other transactional fees will be charged.

MCB lite card limits

So these are the best virtual card that you can get in Pakistan and mine recommended one is UBL wiz card.

Kukichanger VCC VISA CARD Price:

These are non-loadable cards so you can use it once. This virtual card can be used for Paypal verification, Ebay/Aliexpress payments etc.

VCC 1 (20$ Balance ) :  7000 PKR

VCC2 (50$ Balance) : 12000 PKR

VCC3 (100$ Balance) : 22500 PKR

VCC4 (200$ Balance) : 45000 PKR

VCC5 (500$ Balance) : 103000 PKR

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