AML Policy

You should  agree that you will not use the kukichanger site to perform any kind of criminal activity, including but not limited to, money laundering, illegal gambling operations, Hawala Hundi,  terrorist financing, or malicious hacking. If we found that you are using our website for illegal purposes, Kukichanger reserves the right to terminate your account and report you to the Government agency. reserves the right to close your account at anytime and will not be liable to pay any funds in the account if above mentioned activity is found by user on the site.We do not support buying or selling of any crypto coins or bitcoins as according to  guidelines of state bank of Pakistan its prohibited.

You hereby agree with out terms of service that Kukichanger may provide you communications about your account and our site electronically complies with the legal requirements of the Pakistan for anti-money laundering.In case of any query from Govt Officials regarding clients account data we reserve the right to support them in that case.