20 Businesses to Start in Pakistan and Become Rich

Hello friends, I am going to tell you 20 Business ideas for you to start a business in Pakistan and generate revenue. If you have a passion for starting a business and you do not know what business you should start in Pakistan then read out this full post. The following are the top 20 business ideas for Pakistanis:

  1. Selling Coffee Beans:

It is one of the unique business ideas for you can start a business in Pakistan. I know a person who is doing this business and he is buying coffee beans from Italy and sells them in Pakistan. He has almost 3000 customers and his daily revenue is 30000. You can start this business too.

2) Providing Raw Materials to Shops:

It is also a good method for housewife lady to start generating income while living at home. You can supply raw materials to restaurants and shops. You can contact local restaurants and bakeries in your area and collaborate with them.

3) Online Shoes Store:

It is also a good method for you to start a business online, contact with local chopper makers and ask them to design shoes. You can sell these shoes to your online store worldwide. In this way, you can also create your own brand.

4) Teaching Online:

You can start your own online teaching website where you can teach students via live video. You can hire a few local teachers and connect with them to your website where they have to teach their students via live video. This method works really well and a lot of people are earning through this method.

5) Online Cooking Classes:

If you are a chef then you can start an online cooking website where you can teach different people. Starting a YouTube channel on this niche is also a great idea to capture a lot of people. You can charge people who are looking to learn new recipes.

6) Online Grocery Store

You can start your online grocery store business in Pakistan with the help of a website and app. People who are looking to buy Grocery will place an order on your website and you will deliver them in their homes. I have seen a few people who are doing this business in Pakistan so you can start this business too.

7) Party Organizing Business:

You can start your own party and marriage organizing business. This is one of the most profitable businesses you can start in Pakistan. You can hire a few peoples and set up your party organizing business.

8) Electrician/Plumber Service:

You can hire a few electrician and plumber available in your local area. You can set up your own website or Facebook page so the people who need an electrician or plumber can come to you. You can leave your Phone no there so if anyone needs these service will call you and send your hired technician there.

9) Doctor Advice

You can set up a few specialist doctor desks and start giving online advice to the patient. You can charge people who are looking for a specialist doctor’s advice.

10) Registry Service/Form Filling:

You can fill-up the form of peoples who are people and charge them small fees. You can fill up student’s forms, jobs applications, property forms, etc. You can increase the service up to court application and you will never become free.

11) Home Barber/Nurse Service:

You can hire a few barbers or few Nurses available in your local area. You can set up your Face book page where users will ask for a barber and you send them in their homes. Same kind of business you can do for Nurse Provider.

12) Children Testing Service

You can set up a student testing service in which you test different subjects of students and tell them to their parents about the quality of their education.

13) Accountant:
You can contact local shops and setup their balance sheet. You can provide this kind of service in any shop available in Pakistan because everyone wants to keep track of their business.

14) Cleaning Service:

You can hire a few people and provide a cleaning service to homes, offices, restaurants, and shops. You can set up your Face book Page and advertise your cleaning business.

15) Budget Saving Service:

You can setup budget-saving service and you tell people how they can increase their budget and how they can save their money. The same way you can help people who need help in their business.

16) Student Career Service:

You can provide student career service in Pakistan which is in high demand in Pakistan. You can tell students what studies they should focus on and start their careers.

17) Vacation/Tourism Service:

You can start up a vacation/holiday service in Pakistan in which you tell people where they should go and what is the advantage of visiting that place. You can also give a budget plane to people so where they can go while remaining in their budget.

18) Interview Training Service:

You can give an interview training service where you can teach students how to dress up, how to talk, how to answer a question etc. You can also tell people where they can get a job according to the requirements.

19) Shortlisting Service:

You can provide shortlisting service so whenever any company needs a person so you can help with them. You can advertise on different newspaper and arrange a test of applicants, shortlist and send a copy to the original company who need a servant.

20) Online E commerce Store:

You can set up and start your online eCommerce store website where you can sell any item you want like cloth, mobile phones, electronics, home appliances, etc. If you want to build up an e-commerce store website then contact us we will build up a store for you.

So, these are the top 20 businesses you can start in Pakistan right now. If you want to add any other business then comment below.

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