7 Best Textsheet Alternatives You Should Know

Hi Guys, in this post, I have shared with you the list of best textsheet alternatives that you should use as these are best for both students and researchers who are looking for answers to their problems.

Before you are using textsheet, this website is not working anymore.
Texsheet is a good application for simplicity and ease of access, which is why millions of users have used it before. It got popular by offering free solutions to students who need help to afford things online.

If you look at the textsheet platform, it seems more like a search engine than a collection of books or a library. With the help of API, they have set up a list of databases where users can search for answers. By offering too much data for free, their site has encountered legal issues throughout the years, but students are only interested in free content, so they need its best alternatives.

The company Chegg has issued a DMCA copyright takedown notice stating that Textsheet.com had included thousands of Chegg answers in its search results, and Textsheet.com has since been removed.

Chegg Best Textsheet Alternatives

Chegg is a popular source of answers and one of the best Textsheet alternatives. As an online textbook retailer and tutoring service, the company quickly expanded its services from finding scholarships, matching internships, and providing college application advice to offering scholarship searches, internship matching, and college application advice.

There is an annual registration fee to join the service, and the price is currently $14.99 per month, but when compared with the costs associated with private tutoring, you will begin to see the savings add up. There are over 9,000 textbook solutions, millions of homework answers, and access to experts 24/7 through a premium forum, where you can get step-by-step textbook solutions. Whenever you get stuck with a question, you can take a photo of the question and ask away. According to Chegg, most students are satisfied with the level of detail and helpfulness their experts provide, and the average wait time is 46 minutes.

Chegg offers a highly discounted online textbook marketplace, which is in addition to Chegg Study, which is a great way to save a lot of money on college textbooks. You can rent them out for meager prices or purchase them outright for a much higher price. If you don’t need the books anymore, Chegg’s marketplace lets you sell them for some cash if you don’t need them anymore. Upon receiving your item, you will get an instant quote as soon as it has been received.

Chegg is an excellent premium option for homework and study help, thanks to its large bank of expert textbook answers. This service is not free, but it is a premium service that is not available for free. If you have $15 a month to spare, this is a good choice.

CourseHero Best Textsheet Alternatives

CourseHero’s website comes in the list of top textsheet alternatives that allow users to contribute practice problems, study guides, and solutions to significant textbooks available on the website. If you follow the US school curriculum, look at their free textbook solutions page. Currently, more than 300 textbook solutions are available on the site, including 85 Biology and 82 Math textbooks.

You can start browsing immediately by registering for a free account so you can get started immediately! As a Course Hero student, you are entitled to five free questions to ask Course Hero’s tutors, who are available 24/7 to help you with your homework. It is possible to get a response in as little as 15 minutes by submitting a question to the “ask a question” page, writing a description of your issue, and attaching a picture.

To access tens of thousands of study resources, including a more extensive selection of textbooks, you will need to upgrade your account to their premium plan. With an annual subscription, your monthly fee will be less than $10 – good for accessing tutors 24 hours a day.

Aside from getting access to expert guidance through CourseHero, they offer an alternative way to access them. Using our new study resources function, you can upload your study resources – such as flashcards, revision notes, revision games, class notes, answers, etc., so that the experts can answer your questions for free. We will give you five unlocks for free if you upload ten documents.

As one of the most popular online learning platforms, it offers students a variety of resources to help them succeed. The platform is straightforward and has several helpful resources that make it a handy platform for me. On the platform, there is a course directory, a Q&A forum, as well as a library of materials you can use to study. Many resources have been available to me on the platform, and they are beneficial in improving my grades as a result of using them for various courses. Using Course Hero for several months has been a positive experience for me and one I recommend to other students.

I found CourseHero to be a precious resource during my college years. In almost all of my classes, I could find study guides and other materials on the internet, which made studying much more accessible. As well as uploading my study materials, I enjoyed helping other students with difficulties and helping them overcome their challenges. It was a straightforward and convenient process for me to use CourseHer, and I am happy with it. It’s nice to be able to choose my schedule for studying.

It is not clear whether CourseHero’s customer service is easily accessible. It took me some time to find the customer service phone number online, and even then, there was a very long wait before I could speak to someone. The site is challenging to navigate and lacks many features that would enable individuals to use it more easily.

PapaerHelp Alternative of Textsheet

There is a fundamental difference between the way PaperHelp works and Textsheet works. It is primarily used by students seeking research papers to access the online platform.

There is a platform where you can find custom papers on various subjects primarily designed for Ph.D. students. PaperHelp can be of great assistance if you are a Ph.D. student who thinks completing documents alone is not your cup of tea.

There are many types of writing services that PaperHelp can provide, and the costs will be determined according to the needs you have. To calculate the cost, turnaround time, and any other information you need, you must enter your specific requirements. PaperHelp offers a 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

You can request a refund if you are dissatisfied with the service you received by contacting their customer service. You can get their team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CrazyforStudy Textsheet Alternatives

There are various uses of Crazyforstudy, including making life easier for students and covering all kinds of significant needs for students. The platform’s database has over 50 million books, and you can search questions through their search options effortlessly.

Several additional features are included with the platform, including online prep tests in advanced math, science, engineering, and more. In Australia, a student resource platform is used primarily by students currently enrolled in university. The fact that it is a hand tool allows it to be used by Australian students to do their homework.

To get things started, the company is offering several promotional offers as a result of the fact that the service is relatively new. A pleasant surprise for first-time users will be the study materials and resources you will not find anywhere else.


One of the best textsheet alternatives is Studylib, an excellent learning platform; it provides an extensive database of study material and student learning resources that students can access. There is a slight difference between Studylib and the other platforms regarding how student-friendly it is. Although there are better mediums for answering questions and completing assignments, it’s still a good route for completing most tasks.

A “share” button allows users to share notes and study materials with others. Before using this or any other feature, users must register. Documents can also be filed and saved in Studylib servers after users register and log in to their accounts.

Students can browse various subjects using Studylib’s “flashcard explorer,” including math, science, computer science, and special needs.

The service is free but requires a login. Writing software is optional if you use grammar and spell check.


The Coursera platform is another excellent alternative to Textsheet if you want research papers.

To make learning as easy as possible for average learners, Stanford graduates founded the platform to make learning fun. Over 40 million people use the forum daily, offering over 4000 online courses.

There is an extensive database of learning materials and resources on the Coursera website, an excellent platform for researchers to access a wide range of learning materials and resources. You may feel overwhelmed as you browse the website, as there is a lot of information available to you. It is thus possible for Ph.D. students to use it to gather research material for their papers and even study materials to prepare for exams.

As with other online learning platforms, Coursera supports Android and iOS devices.
You will be charged a small fee to use the full range of services. The return on investment is well worth considering what you get in return for your investment.


If you are preparing for SATS, Collegeboard is the perfect learning platform. It is also an excellent alternative to texsheet with the particular objective of providing students with an option to Textsheet when taking their SAT exams. Many of the top management schools offer a variety of course guides, as well as lesson notes that can be downloaded. It is also possible for students to prepare for their SATs on the platform by taking SAT quizzes.

Collegeboard is not only an excellent online learning platform, but it also offers students the opportunity to buy books at a discounted rate and exchange books for great prices as well. Among the topics shown are advanced math, physiology, history, and many more.

In the same way as the other platforms on this list, Collegeboard can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. It is more cost-effective than the different learning platforms listed here. It offers a variety of features specifically designed to meet the needs of college students than any others.

Every day, millions of students use Textsheet, making it a huge hit among students. Textsheet quickly became a massive hit among students. This site’s popularity can also be attributed to its demise since its popularity also caused the site’s demise. As soon as the area caught the attention of authorities, a formal complaint was filed for copyright infringement on the site, and it didn’t take long for the place to be shut down.

Hopefully, you have find out best textsheet alternatives and if you have any suggestion then you can comment below.

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