Cement Price in Pakistan 2023 Daily Updated Rate

Are you looking for the latest cement price in Pakistan? Then you land on the right website because we have added a list of all popular cement providers’ costs that you can quickly check out.

Latest Cement Price in Pakistan

Cement Rate in Pakistan

Cement is one of the essential materials in the house construction industry in Pakistan and other countries. It is used as a binder in concrete and is a necessary material for constructing all types of buildings, including local houses, schools, hospitals, roads etc.

If you are looking to develop a house in Pakistan, cement cost is one of the essential factors you need to consider to calculate the average cost of building a home. Using this page, you should check the latest cement prices if you belong to the construction industry or are looking to build a house in the next couple of months.

Cement Price in Pakistan Today January 2023

Here are the list of top cement companies in Pakistan and their prices/rates also mentioned.

Cement Company in PakistanLatest Price /50KG
Attock Cement Rate1030 to 1035 Rupees
DG Cement Rate1045 to 1050 Rupees
Bestway Cement1040 to 1045 Rupees
Fauji Cement1030 to 1035 Rupees
Mapple Leaf Cement1060 to 1065 Rupees
White Cement Mapple Leaf 40KG1700 Rupees
Kohat Cement Rate1035 to 1040 Rupees
PakCem Cement Price1040 to 1045 Rupees
Askari Cement Price1040 to 1045 Rupees
Pioneer Cement Rate1040 to 1045 Rupees
Cherat Cement Rate1070 Rupees
Power Cement Rate1090 Rupees
Flying Cement Rate1050 Rupees
Dewan Cement Price1050 Rupees

We do not sell cement to customers; we only provide you with current cement prices in Pakistan for all major brands. You can expect up and down costs in your local store across Pakistan. Also, we do not recommend any of the companies mentioned above, and you have to decide from which company you would buy cement.

The Pakistani government has recorded that the manufacturing industry has a 12.4% share of the country’s GDP. Due to COVID, 19 cement industry remains under pressure which is why cement prices in Pakistan have increased to a record high in Pakistan.

Latest Surge of Cement Prices in Pakistan

As the price of coal increases in Pakistan, cement price in Pakistan also increases rapidly, which is unsuitable for the construction industry. It is expected that manufacturers can increase the cement price in 2023 if coal prices do not drop. Supply chain and some other issues are causing cement prices in Pakistan to skyrocket.

The prices you can see in the market vary slightly because the distributor also charges a commission, so you should consider that. The price of cement mentioned on this page does not include transportation costs and the seller’s commission.

List of Best Cement Companies in Pakistan

Below are the list of best cement companies in Pakistan.

#1) Attock Cement

It was established back in 1981 with $1.5 billion capital and their plant produce 3 million tons of cement per year. Their company main mission is to provide best cement in Pakistan and they are committed to provide best value to their customers by optimizing products

Attock cement 50KG bag price today : 1030

#2) DG Cement

It is the one of the top cement production company in Pakistan with 6.7 million tons of cement per year. They are using latest dry process technology and have got good reputation in the market for their products both locally as well as internationally.

DG Cement 50kg bag Price today : 1040

#3) Bestway Cement

It the 2nd most largest cement manufacturer in Pakistan with 10.7 millions tons per year production capacity. Their company has 2500 employees who are working hard to provide you high quality cement at cheaper rate in Pakistan. It is the main leader in Pakistan north region and also they export to Afghanistan as well as India in order to generate solid revenue.

Bestway cement today price is : 1040

#4) Fauji Cement

It is also one of the most popular cement brand in Pakistan started its working back in 1997 and they have a capacity of 3.5 millions tons per year. Their core mission is to use natural sources such as solar network rather using fossil fuel and they will soon use waste to generate energy for their plant.

Fauji latest price is : 1030 Rupees

#5) PakCem

Its is a company of best way group and a well established across Pakistan due to its high quality and durability. Many people in Pakistan used their products for their house hold construction products as it is the best for general purpose concrete work.

Pakcem Cement Price today is : 1045 Rupees

#6) Askari Cement

It is one of the oldest cement factory in Pakistan and they have two plants located in Noshera KPK region and 2nd one is located at WAH (Near Attock). Its started way back in 1921 and gain trust of millions of customer across the country and they also export their products to foreign countries like Afghanistan, Sudan and South Africa.

Askari cement price in Pakistan today : 1040 Rupees

#7) Cherat Cement

It is also one of the leading cement factory in Pakistan with a capacity of 4.5 million tons per year. Their provide their customers high quality products for both general usage also for projects where strength requirement is necessary.

Cherat cement rate today : 1070 Rupees

#8) Dewan Cement

It is also a reputable company in Pakistan that has the capacity of producing 2.8 millions tons of cement per year. Their plant has started its operation back in 1987 as a rising start in private sector as they are meeting both local as well as international market needs.

Dewan 50kg Latest Rate today is : 1035 Rs

#9) Mapple Leaf

Its a factory of Kohinoor Maple group started its joint venture back in 1957 by WPID corporation and government of Canada and it has capacity of 5.7 millions tons per year cement in Pakistan. Their company mostly sell all their products in central and north regions across Pakistan but also their export to other countries like Afghanistan.

Mapple latest price of cement in Pakistan today : 1060 Rs

#10) Lucky Cement

It is one of the largest cement producing factory in Pakistan and their mission is to provide high quality products with the utilization of quality control products and computer based techniques. They achieved efficiency with the utilization of head waste recovery system. It has self sufficient power capacity of 180Mw which is mostly used in cement plant and remaining transferred to the national grid.

Lucky Cement Price in Pakistan today : 1020 PKR

It’s always a good idea to check cement prices before making a budget. You can find cement plants in almost every region across Pakistan, including Punjab, KPK, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and certain northern areas across the country.

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