Exide Battery Price in Pakistan Latest Prices 2023

Are you looking for latest Exide battery price in Pakistan then landed on the right page because we have added all Exide battery prices that you can check out.

EXIDE is one of the most popular Lead acid batteries brand in Pakistan that manufacturer almost all kind of batteries including automobile, industry and telecommunication industry. Their company start working back in 1953 as a private company with the help of Chloride Group UK. Exide company also listed its stock on Karachi Pakistan stock exchange and they also have got top companies award 8 time by developing great products.

Exide Battery Price in Pakistan Latest Prices 2023

Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 2023

Whether you are finding best battery for your motor cycle, car or high end application like UPS or solar system Exide has all products that will surely fulfill your requirements.

EXIDE Battery Price List for Cars

NS55ZL 40 AHRs 8400
NSG46L 34 AHRs 7900
N100Z 80 AHRs 13995
EX105 90 AHRs 10500
NS90 72AHRs 11700
N80 65 AHRs 11000
NS65 55 AHRs 4700
N70 50 AHRs 4800
CNG50L 36 AHRs 7900
CNG55L 60 AHRs 9200

Exide Batteries Prices for Home Applications UPS & Solar

Exide offers you many batteries for home usage such as NS240 plus, N200, N180 plus, Ns185, N250, N190, N260 and their ampere hour ranging from 135 AH to 200 AH.


Ampere Hour (AH)70
PriceRs 13995


Ampere Hour (AH)155
PriceRs 33500

EXIDE N180 Plus

Ampere Hour (AH)130
PriceRs 28500


Ampere Hour (AH)145
PriceRs 30500

EXIDE Tubular Batteries Price List

For UPS as well as solar system Exide tubular batteries are recommended to use due to its efficient and cost effectiveness. Tubular batteries are mostly used in Pakistan for large applications such as Wind and solar system due to their minimum maintenance and long life. If you are living in high temperature city in Pakistan like Multan then you should purchase Exide tubular battery because these batteries perform really well in high temperature weather.

The following are the latest prices of Exide tubular batteries in Pakistan. If you are looking for a battery for UPS, tractor, car, motorcycle, generator then you can use Exide batteries.

EXIDE TR1500 Battery

Ampere Hour (AH)145
No of Plates5
Best ForUPS & Solar System
PriceRs 33200

EXIDE TR-1800 Tubular Battery

Ampere Hour (AH)185
No of Plates5
Best ForUPS and Solar System
PriceRs 38700

EXIDE Heavy Duty TR-2000

Ampere Hour (AH)210
No of Plates7
Best ForUPS and Solar System
PriceRs 43600

EXIDE Heavy Duty TR-2500

Ampere Hour (AH)230
No of Plates7
Best ForUPS/Solar System
PriceRs 51600

EXIDE TR-3000 Price & Specifications

Ampere Hour (AH)250
No of Plates9
Best ForUPS and Solar System
PriceRs 52500

EXIDE TR-3500 Latest Price

Ampere Hour (AH)290
No of Plates9
Best ForUPS & Solar System
PriceRs 61600

EXIDE batteries price range starts from Rs 8000 to Rs 60,000 and you can choose depends on your specific requirement. You can find out Exide battery dealer in your local city like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujranwala, Karachi and prices can vary depends on your region.

EXIDE Manufacturer used only high quality material in order to ensure that end user will get high performing battery in cheap prices. Their rigorous testing process and high quality standards makes it little bit expensive than other batteries providers but you now everything has cost. So if you are looking long lasting high quality standard battery in Pakistan then investing in Exide batteries option for you.

If we compare battery prices in Pakistan with other countries then you will notice that batteries prices across here are cheaper. As we usually face electricity short cuts in Pakistan then either using UPS with battery set up or solar system with batteries back up are the great option for you to fix electricity related problems.

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