How to Fix Amazon Error 7131 7017 7031 Quickly

Are you getting amazon error 7131, 7031, 7017 then you landed on the right page because we will guide you properly how you can fix amazon prime video errors easily. Many users had reported they are getting amazon errors like 7131, 7017 and 7031 but do not worry in this post you will learn possible solutions of these problems.

Amazon Prime video is a most popular video streaming platform which allows you to watch most recent TV shows, amazon series but sometime you face errors 7131, 7031 etc. These errors makes it users frustrating because you are unable to watch anything on their platform as you get these errors. Just like other streaming sites amazon prime is also not a perfect website so you can experience error code 7131.

Amazon Error 7131 7017 7031

How to Fix Amazon Error 7131?

If you are getting errors messages like “The video not available at this time error 7131” then you can follow tips and tricks to fix these kind of issues. Majority of time this problem occur due to slow internet, caches, problem with device and issues with application.

You can check different social media accounts of amazon prime to know whether its a widespread problem or you are only one who is facing this issue. We have added few solutions for you to tackle it.

#1) Restart the Internet

Some time your router or modem create problems so you should restart your router to check whether you are getting proper internet speed with low latency. In case you are getting poor internet speed then you should contact your ISP provider. You can test out your internet connection through different websites to make sure your internet is stable. The no one cause of 7131 amazon prime error is poor internet connection.

If you are using any VPN or proxy then must disable it. You can experience these errors because videos will not work if you access it from countries where its not allowed. You can also change DNS settings because flushing can also fix these problems.

#2) Power Recycle Amazon Prime Device

You can power recycle your amazon prime video device because the device can also create problems so you should restart it .

  • Turn off the device you are using for prime video
  • Unplug and replug it with 30 seconds gap
  • Restart it and check whether issue resolved

If your internet connection is perfectly fine and still you are facing amazon 7131 error then move towards other steps.

#3) Update your device & Browser

You should make sure that both your device firmware as well as browser is updates to the latest version. If not then you should update because updating it can fix your 7131 error. You can visit play store as well as apple store to check whether any new update available.

Their is a thread is the amazon official forum where is mentioned that their technical team has updates its app 7131 errors so you can install latest updates to check whether issue fixed or not.

I have see one person who is talking that this error can occur due to faulty HDMI cable but this cannot happen due to cables because you are getting display proper and getting error “video not available at this time”.

#4) Same Account on Multiple Devices

If you are using same account on multiple devices then remove it because it can cause errors. We have read official thread of amazon video technical support and its mentioned their you can face multiple errors if you can use same account on multiple devices.

#5) Clear Browser Cache & Disable Extensions

Your browser old cache can also create 7031 error so you can should simply clear the browser history can caches. You can also disable chrome extension because the third party tools installed in your browser can cause issues. You can follow below procedure to disable browser extension in chrome

  • Launch chrome browser
  • Navigate towards setting option
  • Disable unnecessary extensions

#6) Contact Amazon Prime Customer Support

If you have applied all above steps but you are still getting error and your internet working fine then you should contact amazon prime customer support. You can send him screenshot of error you are getting and they can guide you better. They have technical experts who can guide you how you can get rid of amazon 7131 error.


Checking internet connection, updating applications are the few tips and trick you can fix amazon prime video problems. You can upgrade your internet plan to high speed so you can experience amazing streaming service. If you have query or suggestion you can comment below.

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