How to Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen 2023

It has been known that Crunchyroll experiences this display issue if you have an active pop-up blocker and an adblocker installed on your browser. Internet access will be blocked by these software programs.

Did you know Crunchyroll sometimes blocks old browsers from accessing their site? You might experience a blank screen if yours is not up-to-date

Crunchyroll Black Screen While Streaming Content

There have been thousands of complaints about Crunchyroll’s black screen when streaming content in the browser. The video content is being played in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and other browsers. Although subtitles appear in the video player, the screen remains black. The problem affects Linux, Android, macOS, Windows, and iOS devices.

Over the past two years, OTT content consumption and demand have increased dramatically. Movie production houses and music production houses are facing serious social problems due to piracy. OTT platforms are preventing piracy by taking action against independent and smaller artists on a daily basis.

Why Crunchyroll Black Screen Error Comes?

Resolving Crunchyroll’s black screen in the browser requires consideration of several factors. There are a few valid reasons why Crunchyroll does not view the content in the browser video player.
The first. It is caused by the default browser accumulating saved form data over time.

The second. For an immersive experience, the browser algorithm takes advantage of CPU, GPU, and RAM resources. Video and audio streaming are affected by the browser acceleration algorithm.

In addition, Crunchyroll black screens are caused by internal bugs and glitches on websites.

Publicity. Connect the machine to a Wi-Fi network, and it should work without any bandwidth limitations.

How to Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen Error on Chrome / Firefox

It’s frustrating to see a black screen instead of your favorite show. Using Chrome, this can be caused by the following:

  • Problems with extensions
  • Redirects via pop-ups
  • The cache
  • Bugs on the internal website
  • Problems with Internet connectivity

These issues are all inconvenient, but they can all be fixed. We’ve outlined how to fix each problem below so that you can keep watching anime. Users also complain about buffering, slowness, and constant crashes with Crunchyroll.

Allow Browser Pop ups

Crunchyroll black screens are most common on Chrome. There are some tabs on Crunchyroll’s website that appear to be blocked by default by browser pop-up blockers in beta versions. Crunchyroll’s black screen is caused by the browsers detecting pop-ups. Chrome usually displays a symbol/icon in the address bar when it blocks a pop-up. The pop-up icon can be clicked, and you can decide whether or not to allow them. You can try the steps below if that doesn’t work:

  • The first. Open Chrome on your computer.
  • The second. In the top right corner, click on Settings and more. Crunchroll black screen on Chrome
  • The third step. Select Settings from the menu.
  • The fourth point. Go to Privacy and security > Site settings.
  • The fifth point. Pop-ups and redirects should be clicked.
  • The sixth point. Allow Crunchyroll pop-ups.

Clear Browser Data and Cache

Depending on caching and other factors, you may need to clear the browsing data before you can use troubleshooting techniques. The browsing data, such as cookies, cache, saved forms, history, passwords, and so on, should be cleaned. Obviously, we won’t touch the bookmarks saved in the browser and will follow my lead to remove junk.

Try these steps if Crunchyroll is still not working:

For Chrome

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • In the top right corner, click Settings and more.
  • Then select More Tools > Clear Browser Data.
  • Try to solve the problem by checking as many boxes as you can.

For Firefox

  • Open Firefox on your computer.
  • Click the three-lined More button in the top right corner, then click History.
  • Check all the boxes under History after clicking Clear Recent History and hit okay.

Disable Adblocker Extensions

Adblocker allows you to disable Crunchyroll’s Website level ads and pop-ups even if you have Premium plans. By disabling it, you may also block the Stream chain with ads, and the video may not stream in your browser. Adblocker Extensions and Add-ons can be found under Settings> Extensions in Chrome and Chromium.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Modern browsers have integrated hardware acceleration in the software, so they can offer an immersive experience. Websites have gotten heavier and they have started offering multiple products, services, and tools online.

It’s a challenge for the browser to run the web-based tools movies, shows, images, audio content, and more. The algorithm utilizes CPU, GPU, and RAM to load the heavy files in the piece of software and give you an immersive experience.

In order to disable hardware acceleration simply follow below procedure.

Chrome > Settings > System >Use hardware acceleration when available

Crunchyroll Black Screen Fix


In Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, you should be able to prevent the Crunchyroll screen from turning black when streaming content. Fortunately, different browsers are available on the market, and Firefox is my preferred choice. If a website or service does not work in Firefox, I would use Microsoft Edge. I suggest you choose Chrome as an alternative if you are in a pinch. In the comment section below, let us know which solution resolved the Crunchyroll black screen issue.

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