How to Fix CS GO Mic Quality Easily

Hi guys, In this post I will guide you how to fix CS GO Mic Quality easily. If you are facing CS GO Mic quality problem then do not worry because we will guide you to fix it.

Many people are complaining that they are getting very poor mic quality in CS GO. In this article you will learn simple tricks to get rid of low mic quality.

How to Fix CS GO Mic Quality?

Below we have listed few tips and tricks to fix CS GO mic not working errors. These are the proven methods you can work on to fix CS GO mic quality.

#1) Enable Voice

The first thing you should check out whether the audio is enabled in your CS Go settings option. In some cases audio settings randomly changed to disabled mode so you should defiantly check it out.

How to Fix CS GO Mic Quality?

#2) Use Mic Key

In then 2nd step come over to the keyboard/mouse settings option and find out Use Mic Key and make sure it enabled correctly. You can check out correct settings using the below image because sometime it automatically change it.

#2) Use Mic Key

In most cases if you do above two settings then your CS GO mic not working problem solve their. If you are still experiencing same issue then you can follow other steps to fix mic error.

Some time simply restarting CS GO fix many problem so you should restart it

#3) Check Mic Connection With Computer

Sometime even your Mic lighting up indicating its connected with computer but its not so you should check it. In order check whether your mic is properly connected you can follow below procedure.

  • Right click on volume icon> open sound settings
  • Open up sound control panel
  • Click on recording tab and check Mic

If mic voice going up and down then it means your mic is properly connected with your computer so should move towards other fixes. You can also hit the properties on the microphone and change the levels. Increase the gain level to 100 so computer can hear the voice more properly.

#3) Check Mic Connection With Computer

#4) Update Driver

In most cases driver does not create any issue but if you are using too old driver for your mic then you might be in trouble. You can check out latest updated driver that correlated with your new Windows. In some cases you need to update your driver if you are getting option of updating it.

You can manually update driver and I do not recommend to use any kind of driving software. Search online for the latest available driver for your mic and then update it.

#5) Verify Integrity of Game File

It is one of the easiest fix for may issues occurring in CS GO. In some cases your game file might get corrupted so you need to verify its integrity. If you have tried all above mentioned steps but still issue persist then you can follow below steps to verify game files integrity.

  • Open up CS GO library
  • Right click and navigate towards properties
  • After that click on local files > Integrity of Game file

It will take some time to update any missing or corrupted game file. Once its checked and update to the normal state. Restart the CS GO game and check whether CS GO Mic quality issue fixed or not.

#5) Verify Integrity of Game File

#6) Enable Apps Access to Microphone

You can check follow below steps in order to allow applications like CS GO to use microphone connected with your computer as a default.

  • Open up settings > Microphone
  • Change settings Microsoft access to the device
  • Make sure its turn on
  • Enable allow apps to access your Mic

After performing above mentioned tweaks re launch CS GO to check whether mic not working issue fix or not.

Hopefully above mentioned steps help you fix CS GO mic quality. If you have query or suggestion or which steps help you to resolve this issue comment below.

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