How to Fix Downtimes on 1986 VPS Quickly

How to fix downtimes on 1986 VPS? When you check out that your VPS system stopped working, a few questions arise, like what is the root cause of downtime on the VPS server and how you can fix it. If you are using an older version of the Ubuntu server system, then 1986 is a good benchmark option to check the options to fix this issue.

How to Fix Downtimes on 1986 VPS

If you are facing downtimes on 1986 VPS, do not worry because we will guide you about possible solutions to this problem and how you can quickly get rid of this error.

How to Fix Downtimes on 1986 VPS Server?

People mostly use VPS servers to speed up their website load time and overall performance because now a day, Google values websites whose page speed is higher than others. VPS server provides dedicated resources that your website needs to improve its performance and load time for the end user.

If you have multiple blogs or websites, it is best to choose a VPS server rather than share hosting, but you do not have to share resources with other users. If you are new to a VPS server, you should hire a professional to set it up for you. If you do not configure it properly, you can face downtime issues on your VPS server.

You have to identify the route cause of downtime on 1986 VPS as it occurs due to a high volume of traffic on your website. Then you have to increase your website resources like RAM, CPU etc. It’s better to contact your hosting provider if you are using any company VPS server because they have technical experts to help you out in these matters.

Steps to Fix Download Times on 1986 VPS

If you are facing downtime issues in your VPS, you can follow the steps below to fix them. Sometimes you need to upgrade your resources; in that case, you should contact your hosting provider team. They can guide you on whether you need to upgrade your VPS package to a high resource level.

#1) Check Server Status

You can check the server status to know whether your VPS is online. Using the ping command, you can check out your VPS server status. If you are getting a reply, it’s online; otherwise, your server is offline. Several server motoring software is also available in the market that you can use to check server data like logs and resource usage in real-time.

#2) Monitor Resources

Check whether your VPS server is overloaded with resources like RAM, Memory, CPU etc. If your server is overloaded, kill off services causing overloading or increase your VPS server resources to fix downtimes. You should install the software if you are not using any software to monitor your resource usage.

#3) Restart Services

Using the rebooting option, you can restart your VPS server. Find out the option in your VPS server to reboot your server. Sometimes restarting can fix many problems like a congested or overloaded server issue. Login into your server account dashboard and check the reboot button to restart the system. If you are still facing downtimes problems after rebooting, then look for other hidden issues which are responsible.

#4) Check Logs

Many VPS server software provides you real time data and logs on errors occurring on your server so you should use that data to analyze the root cause of down time errors. Using Logs data you can find out which applications are using most resources and you can kill them to make VPS server free from overload burden.

#5) Check Network Connection

If you are experiencing down time in your server then you should check out network connections with the server devices. You should check out cables connection and also figure out whether any faulty cables present their which are causing downtime error. Faulty router and modem can also cause down time errors. If routers and other server related devices are running properly then you should also contact ISP provider to confirm whether its their end issue.


In this post, we have provided you best tips & tricks on how to fix downtimes on the 1986 VPS server. After following the above mentioned steps, you can fix the 1986 downtime error. If you need to fix advanced problems related to a VPS server, you should hire a technical expert who can solve your problems. With expert technical skills, you can make your VPS server online again in hours.

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