How to Fix Error 404 The Requested URL was Not Found on This Server

Hi Guys, In this tutorial, I will show you how you can fix a 404 error not found in WordPress. There are two fixes for this kind of problem; one is automatic redirect using plugin and the other is manual detecting after 404 error found. This problem mostly occurs if you are accessing a post or page which is removed, moved or not available. Some of the other common causes of 404 errors are junk files in the browser, cache issues, and DNS server related issues.

What is 404 Page Error?

It is a kind of error you mostly see in your Google search console URL error section. When you remove any of your Google indexed post or pages knowingly or unknowingly then Google found 404 errors on your website that is why he gives you error in Search console area. So you fix them and redirect them to a new page or edit that page. The problem occurs when your website or blog has hundreds of 404 errors and you cannot edit manually by editing one by one.

Error 404 Not Found Solution:

The 404 error solution is to redirect those URLs to your new website pages or your website home page. To fix out, login into your WordPress dashboard area and add a new plugin by typing 404 errors. Now install and activate the Redirection plugin into your website.

Now find out this plugin in your WordPress dashboard area; click on tools and then select Redirection plugin. Now click on 404 errors and plugin will start finding out all 404 pages errors and gives you a full list of pages where this error is present. To start fixing this error one by one click on redirects section and add new redirects. In the source URL enter, 404 error page links and in the target URL section enter the working URL and then click on add redirects.

After doing all the necessary steps login into Google search console and test out live there to figure whether this problem persists or simply you can visit a 404-page error to know whether it’s redirecting or not. If 404 error page redirecting properly to the new address and submit validation to Google so he knows that you fixed out this problem.

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