How to Fix Whatsapp Notification Sound Not Working

Staying in touch with family and friends might be easier with WhatsApp. If WhatsApp fails to announce notifications with sound, your instant messaging experience may suffer. Updates and messages might be missed. You can fix the WhatsApp notification sound not working by following these steps.

On iPhone and Android, WhatsApp notification sounds can be customized quite easily. Either the sound has been deleted or the phone fetches WhatsApp notifications without sound. Let’s fix this problem.

  1. Set Your Phone in General Mode
  2. Check out notification channels
  3. Check out notification sound.
  4. Unmute whatsapp chat.
  5. Unmute message specially in iPhone.
  6. Disable do not disturb me.
  7. Update Whatsapp to latest version.
how to fix whatsapp notification sound

Set Your Phone in General Mode

First, you will need to disable Vibrate/Silent mode on your iPhone or Android. On iPhone, locate the toggle key on the side to disable vibrate mode and enable General profile.

Check Out Notification Channels

Android allows developers to offer users notification channels. Users can receive notifications through different channels with supported apps like WhatsApp. It is possible that you have silenced notifications for groups or other types of WhatsApp messages. Long tap WhatsApp from the App Drawer or Home screen. Go to the App info menu and select Notifications. Make sure the alert toggle is enabled on every notification channel.

Check Out Notification Sound.

Groups and individual chats can be customized with message notification sounds. WhatsApp notifications will not sound if you select None. On your iPhone, open WhatsApp and tap the Settings button. Click Notifications and check Sound for Group Chats.

Unmute Whatsapp Chat.

You can mute individual conversations or specific groups on WhatsApp. For a long time, you have silenced some annoying members or groups. The notification center will not show you any notifications from them. WhatsApp will show you the latest messages from them as soon as you open it. Select a conversation you don’t want to miss and tap on the profile name.

Disable Do Not Disturb Me.

If you already have WhatsApp open on your desktop, you might not receive notifications with banners and sounds on your mobile device. Hit the X mark to close WhatsApp on Windows or Mac if you no longer need it. You may be accessing your WhatsApp account via a browser. Close the current tab and divert all notifications to WhatsApp’s mobile apps.

Update Whatsapp to Latest Version.

You may have an outdated app build on your phone if your WhatsApp notification sound does not work on Android and iPhone.n addition to improving app reliability, updating WhatsApp to the latest version adds new features, such as multi-device support.

When the WhatsApp notification sound doesn’t work, you might miss some important messages. You can fix WhatsApp notification sound not working on iPhone and Android by following the tricks above instead of reinstalling WhatsApp.

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