How to Fix Zelle Reason Code 2900, A106, 1103

Hi guys, are you looking to fix zelle reason code 2900 or 1103 then you landed on the right page because we will guide you the process to fix this error.

Now a days its easy and important part of our daily routine to transfer money using apps like Zelle in the digital world. Everyone loves to use these apps due to its convenient usage especially when transferring payments between two different banks. The Zelle platform has designed their system in order to fix payments related issues so no mater where you have opened up your bank account you can use it.

How to Fix Zelle Reason Code 2900, A106, 1103

Facing errors on Zelle like Reason code 2900,1103 or A106 are really annoying and no one really like these issues. Due to these random errors sometimes you are unable to login into your Zelle app. Their company should focus on fixing these errors so their customer should not face any issue while making payments. The worst thing is that their is no information available that why this Zelle reason code 2900 occurs.

If you are facing random errors in your Zelle app then do not worry because we have added some general fixes that might fix these errors. One of the easy simple fix is to check whether this app has any latest update available on Play store. Update it to the latest version and check whether error code 2900 fixed or not. In case you are still facing this error after updating it then move towards other below mentioned steps.

#Fix 1) Clear Zelle App Caches

  • Visit to your mobile phone settings menu option
  • Now find out app settings option
  • Click on Zelle App > Info
  • Find out storage options
  • Clear out its history and caches.
  • Restart your phone to check whether error gone or not.

#Fix 2) Restart Your Mobile Phone

One of the easy fix of every android or iPhone related problem is to reboot your phone. Become some time simply restarting it can fix many problems. Following are the simple method to reboot your phone.

  • Close the Zelle application
  • Reboot your mobile phone
  • Wait for your device to start up
  • Start the Zelle App and check whether error fixed or not

#Fix 3) Reinstall Zelle App

If above fixes does not work for you then you should reinstall Zelle app in order to fix error code 2900. Following are the process to reinstall the Zelle App.

  • Uninstall the Zelle App
  • Wait few minutes
  • Visit to your mobile phone play store and download latest Zelle App
  • Start the Zelle application and login it to check whether error fixed or not.


If after clearing cache and restarting your mobile phone does not fix Zelle Reason Code 2900 then you should contact their support team and ask about this error. We have guide you the general tips and tricks to fix the android or iPhone app related problems. Hopefully above three fixes help you to tackle errors.

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