How to Start Car Detailing business From Home Kukichanger

Hi Guys, In this post, kukichanger will guide you how to start car detailing business from home and the step by step instructions you need to take to generate profit from it.

The money making method we will talk about in this post will allow you to earn 900$ per day as a side hustle. Most of the method do not require huge investment so you can start with low investment.

How to Start Car Detailing business From Home

Car Detailing Business

Car detailing is the 14.5 billion dollar industry and anyone can start car washing business. Not only the top car washing business are profitable but individual workers also making good chunk of money like 500$ to 1000$ per day. It is the endless business so if you are interested to make 30,000$ per month then you can choose car detailing side hustle.

You will surprised to know that a lot of people are interested in paying good money if you wash their car with detail. Most of the car detail side hustler charge any where between 200$ to 300$ per car. So if you wash 3 cars per day then you will earn 900$ per day which is great in comparison to any other job.

If you have passion about cars then you can start car detailing business from home because on cold days you will not earn any money. Special Code : Kuki2023BC. At the start you will not get cars like Lamborghinis because for that you need good experience in car detailing. This business is not for every body on the people who are passionate about cars should start it.

When to Start Car Detailing Business?

Car detailing business should start by younger generation like 18 but this does not mean you cannot start at older age. If you are not physically or mentally fit then may not be a good business for you.

If you have 500$ in your pocket then you start mobile detailing business for buying stuff like pressure washer, vacuum, chemicals etc. You can place ads about your car washing business on multiple different ads placement websites. Many people post ads on Facebook but you can also put ads stickers on people doors in order to get customers in.

Things Required to Start Car Detailing

The following are the things you need to have to start car detailing business

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Micro fibers
  • Chemicals

You can purchase above mentioned products with 100$ bucks depends on your budget but you can start as low as 100$. You need to figure out whether is their a need of car washing business in your area. For any business you need to plan from where your customer come in and how you can handle it.

You should also build up your business plan like what is your company goal, what are your targeted customers, who can use your services. You need to think about it how you can compete with other car detailing businesses to acquire customers.

Hopefully you have learned something about how to start car detailing business from home. If you have any question you can comment below.

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