Top 10 Best Banks in Pakistan

Now a day in Pakistan a lot of national and international banks are there who are working under the guidance of state bank of Pakistan. To find out whose bank services are better than others you have to first identify your needs that why you need a bank account?

If you are employed and looking for a bank account then NBP (National Bank of Pakistan) is preferred because this bank mostly involved with salaries or pensions.

If you are a businessman or work in a private company then you should not join high rush banks like National Bank or HBL because they are not able to provide you good services and also they demand more evidence income than others. These two banks already have too many users so they do not need new users that is why they are not newbie’s friendly.

1) UBL (United Bank Limited)

If you are working online or doing any private job then you should join UBL because their services are awesome. They support new users who are working online like freelancing etc and you can open up new accounts just with your CNIC. They also provide UBL WIZ virtual credit card which makes your life a lot easier like you can shop online without any fear. Now, they are giving the chip-enabled debit card which has higher limits also more secure.

UBL has certain issues like if your transaction stuck due to any reason then you have to wait for 24 hours to register to complain. They usually take 7 business days to solve complain and refund.

2) Allied Bank Limited

It is also one of the oldest and best banks in Pakistan. You can open up a brand new account just with your CNIC but the maximum total transaction limit is 5 Lac. If you are a business owner or work online then you can open up an account with a letter pad. They have myABL which let you do financial transaction easily with your mobile phone. They also provide digital locker service through which you can in and out your expensive items without the staff’s help.

I have not found any issue related to transactions with this bank but if your transaction got stuck then it will automatically be refunded after 12 hours.

3) MCB Bank Limited

It is also one of the largest financial service providers in Pakistan with over 1200 branches that provide outstanding net banking and credit card related services. MCB provides credit card services that work globally and their credit free limit is 52 days. If you travel then MCB Gold credit card is a better solution to the works around the world. For new users, their lite card is a better solution to use just like mobile wallets Easypaisa/Jazz cash.

For the e-commerce industry, their Egate system provides reliable card processing for both online shoppers also web merchants. Their eGate system is designed by a Master card internet system that provides 3D secure service.

4) HBL

It is one of the biggest customer holders bank in Pakistan due to its large branches open in the country that covers almost every important place like an airport, Railway station, etc. It is the first bank established in Pakistan in 1947 that serves almost 14 million users through their 1700 branches and 2100 ATMs. The opening account in HBL is not too easy especially if you do not want to provide sources of funds. They do not open a basic account so you need to visit Bank Al-Habib Branch for opening a basic account with CNIC.

5) MEEZAN Bank Limited

It is one of the best banks in Pakistan in terms of Islamic Banking that provide an interest-free banking solution. If you are looking for a savings account which is Halal to earn profit then Meezan bank is best for you. I also find out that their transaction fees are also lower than any other bank. Their mobile and net banking solution are amazing for you to transfer funds IBFT securely.

6) Standard Chartered Bank Limited

It is also one of the oldest international banks in Pakistan established in 1863 and also the first Islamic bank license holder. Their bank provides services to both individuals as well as corporate customers and has over 68 branches in almost 11 cities. They have a well established net banking system that lets their customers transfer funds between different banks in Pakistan.

7) Askari Bank

It is also the largest branch holders in Pakistan owned by Fuji foundation that provide you basic banking service you need including net banking. This bank has increased its growth by employing more branches and giving agriculture loans etc. Just like Meezan bank they also provide Islamic banking service that works under the shariah guidance.

8) Faysal Bank Limited

It is a Pakistani Islamic bank based in Karachi Pakistan has our 400 branches almost in all cities. With their e-banking system, users can conduct transactions whenever they need them. They provide two types of virtual card called Mobit Virtual credit card which let you shop online anonymously without any fear. It is a well-established bank that provides Islamic banking services based on shariah laws and a well-organized board of Muftis takes a look at these matters.

9) Alfalah Bank Limited

It is a well established private bank in Pakistan owned by Abu Dhabi Group was launched in 1992. This bank also provides a wide range of financial products and services to its customers and its roots go to the bank of credit and international commerce institutions.

10) JS Bank Limited

It is also one of the fast-growing banks in Pakistan with 345 branches in 172 cities. Headquarter in Karachi owned by JS group total revenue is worth 560 million. This bank was developing ed in 2007 when two companies merge Jahangier Siddique bank and American express. In the year 2011 -2012 this bank was awarded as a top primary dealer by state bank of Pakistan.

So, these are the top 10 best banks in Pakistan. If you have any query then comment below.

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