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Are you looking for latest whey protein price in Oman then landed on the right page because we have added muscat whey protein prices list that you can check out.

Why protein is the water portion of milk thistle which can improve immune system as well as whole body strength. If you are living in Oman, Muscat then you can take it in order to boost up your body strength and athletic performance. People also use Whey protein in order to cure certain diseases such as asthma, weight loss, diabetes but their is no scientific evidence that whey protein can fix these problems.

Whey Protein Price in Oman

For people who do regular exercise or athletics Whey protein supplement is a great choice for them in order to increase stamina but its not effective for lung or any other disease. Its potential safe if you take it in proper amount but overdoes can lead you towards side effects like acne, nausea etc.

Whey Protein Price in Oman

Olimp Sports Pure Whey ProteinOMR 13.55
Natural Factor OMR 12.25
Laperva Iso Tripple ZeroOMR 33.2
Dymatizo ISO 100OMR 36.85
Muscletech Nito Whey ProteinOMR 19.90
Body Builder Whey ProteinOMR 19.90
Optimum Gold Standard ProteinOMR 28.80
Wowtein Whey ProteinOMR 9.97
bpi Sports Whey Protein SupplementOMR 14.44
Wow Women Whey ProteinOMR 35

Lapera Iso Tripple is a great Whey protein supplement available for you in Oman at good price OMR 33.2. In the muscle recovery phase you must take this supplement and also good option for those people who prefer low carb diet as its free of gluten, sugar, carbohydrates and soy.

Muscletech Nitro is a great protein supplement for body builders as it contain 30g protein, 3g caratein, 3.2g leucine which makes perfect solution for athletics who are building muscles. You can get this supplement at 19.90 OMR which is not bad.

Body builder whey protein is also a great choice for you as a body builder as it contain all necessary high quality amino acids that you body need during work out. It also contain some digestive enzymes so you will not see any side effects like bloating or gas. One serving contain 25g of fast absorbing protein which ensure strength during longer workout period and the price of this Whey protein is 19.90 OMR.

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