How to Copy and Paste Ads to Make $100 per Day Online

Hi Guys, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to copy and paste ads to make 100$ per day online. Free ad posting websites allow you to post free affiliate links and usually, those websites get daily tons of visitors which can generate a lead. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online as a side income. You join an affiliate network and promote affiliate links so when anyone purchases a product or service through that link we earn a commission. It is one of the top businesses and almost every you tuber and blogger is doing this to generate serious income online.

Step 1) 

Join affiliate networks like Clickbank, Amazon or any other network. If you are from Pakistan or Bangladesh then you can join another network like Etoro, RA wealth partners, CPA grip, etc. 

After joining the affiliate network select your favorite affiliate offers and Copy link. Now you have to paste this link on different websites to generate a sale so you can earn a commission.

Step 2) 

In 2nd step, you have to register a free account on free classified ads websites by just entering your email and password. After necessary registration login into your account and post a free add. In free add enter your affiliate links and necessary description so whenever anyone clicks on that link and purchases a product then you will earn some commission.

You can copy your add and paste it on different free classified ads websites and social media websites to increase your earning. Using similar you can check out how much classified ad website is getting traffic because if you post links on high traffic websites then there is a chance of getting sales otherwise you will not able to earn anything there.

Reddit and Quora are the top high traffic websites where you can post your affiliate links to generate a sale but must follow their terms and condition. If you do not follow their terms then you will be banned and you will not be able to post anything.

So this is a simple method for you to copy and paste ads to make 100$ per day online for free.

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