How to Start Dropshipping Business Fast – Beginner Method

Hi guys, in this post I will show you how you can make upto 500$ or more with drop-shipping business as a beginner. Now E commerce is growing at high rate and its worth billions and billions of dollar per year.  In this post, I will give you brief introduction about e commerce and drop shipping business that how it works.

Drops-hipping is a method in which you find the supplier they send the product to buyers who buys from you. Now you do not have to touch the product that is the best thing. You are a middle man and you do not have to stock products in bulk. In this post I am going to show you step by step tutorial how you can start drop shipping business;

  1. Find Product That Fits For Dropshipping

You can promote any product you want but it takes a lot of time to know which product is working for your drop shipping business or not. Instead of promoting random product you can sell products that actually suit fit for this type of business model. You can promote working products to cut off your time and effort in making money online. Usually products like 50% off or free shipping works best for these types of business model.

2) Select Product Criteria:

Your products niche must be like passionate in which most people are interested like fishing, hunting, earning online. Next criteria are problem solving product people mostly tend to buy products that solve their real life problem. Your ad must be grab users attention when they see your ads so they can convert into your customer.  Choose a product that you can sell at good margin, if you sell products of price like 2$ or 3$ then your earning will be like 1$ and you have to sell 1000 products to achieve 1000$. Select a product in which you can earn like 20$ or more profit.

3) Finding Suppliers on Aliexpress:

Aliexpress is a china based website where you can find cheap products that you can sell at high margin price. There are a lot of suppliers on Aliexpress and alibaba you can contact them. You can check out their rating, response time and some other things.  Get product images from supplier and create a mashup video to grabbing customer attention.

4) Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important steps in all businesses; you need customers that visit your store for buying different products. Using Google or Facebook Ads system you can target specific niche audience to place ad in front of people who care about our product. You can install Facebook Pixel on your store to re target your customers. You need to spend money to earn money like if your investment is like 500$ and you profit margin is 20% then earned profit is 100$.

At the start you will not be able to earn good money as it is not a quick riche scheme. When you start collecting data then you will start earning money.

5) Data Collection:

When you start your online store then you need to run ads on Facebook or Google. When customers see your website for first time then most probably they will not buy your products. You can collect user’s information like Email so you can later on follow with them. Mine recommendation is to create Engagement add on Facebook and target specific niche audiences. Video Add will work best for this method, collect data of lookalike audience of peoples who watched your video. After getting all data target to users only who watched your add video 95% or 90%. If you target to these people who watched 95% your video then most probably they can buy your product.

If you are investing 100$ and earning 120$ then 20$ is your profit. To increase scale of your business just duplicate your current add to new one  and create as much as much you want to scale your drop-shipping business.

So, this is the method for running successful drop-shipping business. If you want to add any extra tips you know about this business model then comment below.

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