Best Credit Card Providers in Pakistan

Hello friends, In this post, I am going to tell you about the best credit card available in Pakistan offered by different banks. If you do not know the difference between credit and debit card then I can tell you. A debit card is directly linked with your bank account so you can spend only the money you have in your account. While in credit card banks give you a certain amount of money in advance you can spend whole month. After that month expires you have to give a spend amount to the bank otherwise they will start charging you a high interest of about 20 to 30% per month.

You have a question that why bank gives you free money for 52 days by providing you a credit card. Bank wants you to spend more than your income so at the end of the month you will be unable to pay loans and they will be able to start earning interest on that money. So you should spend only on your credit card that you can pay after a month.

1) MCB Classic/Gold Credit Card

MCB offers you the most secure and convenient to use a credit card that contains cashback reward points to supercharge your shopping experience. The following are the features offered by MCB Visa credit card:

  • I secure a system to prevent you from scam or online fraud.
  • Transfer funds from various credit cards to MCB visa
  • Free redeemable points
  • Support For your child education
  • Protection against fraudulent transactions.
  • Utility bill payments and ATM Withdrawals.
  • Works in almost every country airports
  • Credit free period is 52 days.

2) Allied VISA Credit Card

Allied bank is offering chip-enabled VISA credit card that can be used across 49k merchants across Pakistan and millions of ATMs worldwide. They offer the most lucrative offer of an annual percentage of 28% so you can enjoy this credit card and make life easier. Their magnetic stripe technology helps you to protect transactions against fraud and scams. The following are the salient features offered by Allied bank:

  • Contactless smart chip system
  • EMV Smart card
  • Globally accepted.
  •  Cash advance
  • Enhanced security features
  • Zero loss liability

Standard Chartered VISA Platinum credit card

Standard Chartered credit card is designed with a wide range of offers that force you to enjoy your lifestyle with freedom. Redeem points and discounts at outlets forces you to get the advantage of it. For travelers, their card is amazing because it works in almost every country airport and ATM machine. The following are the features offered by this credit card

  • Flight Reservation
  • Hotel Reservation
  • VISA assistance
  • Zero loss liability
  • Persona listed customer support and travel desk
  • Global Acceptance

So, these are the top best credit card providers in Pakistan. If you know any other better option then comment below.

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