How to Buy Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in Pakistan

A virtual credit card is an online safe shopping method in which you protect your actual credit card. Virtual credit card is mapped with accurate credit card numbers. Still, on the shopping website, you give temporarily generated numbers, so this way, you can protect yourself from scammers and hackers.

One-time use and re-loadable are the major types of virtual credit cards. A former usage card is a burner card that expires after all its credits are finished. On the other hand, with re-loadable credit cards, you can select a deposit amount, and in the future, you can also deposit it.

How to Buy Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in Pakistan

VISA Virtual Credit Card

VISA virtual credit card and master virtual credit card allows shopping online anonymously while maintaining privacy online. These cards can be used online on any websites who accept VISA and Master cards. Also, these virtual credit cards can be registered under any name or address without doing any kind of verification.

Major Features of Virtual Credit Card:

  • Worldwide online shopping.
  • Paypal Verification
  • Aliexpress, Ebay Shopping
  • Can be registered under your name or address
  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • Automatic Payments
  • Period: 6 month

Virtual Credit Card Offering Banks in Pakistan

There are several banks in Pakistan that offer virtual credit cards, including:

  1. Allied Bank Limited
  2. Bank Alfalah
  3. Faysal Bank
  4. Habib Bank Limited
  5. MCB Bank Limited
  6. Meezan Bank
  7. National Bank of Pakistan
  8. Silkbank Limited
  9. Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
  10. United Bank Limited
  11. Nayapay Limited

You can directly contact the above banks to get more information, like how to buy virtual credit cards from them in Pakistan. Also, to get the virtual credit card, you usually need to open a bank account in their branch.

NayaPay Recommended Virtual Credit Card

Nayapay is a recently launched digital payment platform designed especially for freelancers looking for ways to make their payments online. They also provide a virtual credit card that you can use to make payments on different merchant sites in Pakistan and on International websites.

So, if you are interested in buying a virtual credit card, you should first create an account on the Naypay website or use their android application. After completing all necessary documentation procedures, which is relatively easy, only CNIC, your selfie, and Biometric are required.

UBL Virutal WIZ Card

I have used the UBL Virtual Wiz card, and it performed pretty well if you want to purchase online stuff as a freelancer, like buying a domain and web hosting or buying things from an international store like AliExpress.

To get a UBL virtual card, you must have an account in their respective branch, and it does not matter whether you open an Asaan account or a standard current account. After creating an account, you can easily apply for a virtual credit card which will cost you around 500 PKR, and it is a reloadable card, so you can reload it when you need it.

Hopefully, you have got a idea what are the best options for you to get a virtual credit card in Pakistan.

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