Petroleum Fuel Prices in Pakistan Updated

Do you regularly search the internet to know the latest fuel prices in Pakistan? Then bookmark this blog post as we periodically update fuel prices of all significant petroleum products.

Fuel prices play a vital role in the growth of a country, especially Pakistan, as it impacts everything, including inflation. In every country, petroleum products prices are effects by some critical factors that determine the price of petrol. The fuel cost is usually determined based on the cost of crude oil, marketing, refining, tax collections on fuel sales and other products.

Fuel Prices in Pakistan

In developing countries like Pakistan, the government decides the fuel prices based on available finance and subsidies to the general public to ease up doing business and lift the burden on the general public. In our country Pakistan federal government provides good chunk of money in order to relieve common man but their polices remain inconsistent.

Factors Affects the Fuel Price in Pakistan

In years the fuel price always remain concern and debate in Pakistan and their is too much miss leading information available regarding the factors play role in the fuel prices across Pakistan and other countries.

It does not matter where you live in the world the price of fuel you are paying is the collections of several components in a complete chain. As crude oil refineries in Pakistan sells their products to the OMCS (Oil Marketing Companies) and its price regulated by OGRA. In rich countries mostly government do not collect taxes on fuel but a developing country like Pakistan govt also collect taxes on fuel sale in order to meet their financial targets.

The petrol and other fuel price is determined by many factors but still pricing structure vary from country to country. In other Asian countries like India, China, Bangladesh and Malaysia they have set a proper mechanism and tools in order to provide relief to their public. In Pakistan govt decide the price of fuel and they give notification to a company named as OGRA on a daily as well as monthly or fortnight bases.

Latest Petrol Fuel Prices in Pakistan Today

Using the below table, you can check the latest fuel prices in Pakistan, including Petrol, diesel, kerosene oil, light diesel and CNG. With time, petrol prices go up and down, and you can check daily petrol prices through this page.

Type of FuelPrice Today/Rate per LitterOld RateChange in RatePercentage Changed
Petrol Super Rate in PKR214.8 Rs/Ltr224.8 Rs/Ltr-10 Rs/Ltr3.9%
Euro 5 Petrol Rate in PKR256 Rs/Ltr266 Rs/Ltr-10 Rs/Ltr4.7%
Diesel High Speed Rate in PKR227.8 Rs/Ltr235.3 Rs/Ltr-7 Rs/Ltr3.3%
Diesel Light Speed Rate in Pkr169 Rs/Ltr179.5 Rs/Ltr-10 Rs/Ltr6.2%
CNG Rate Rate in PKR R-1190 Rs/KG
CNG Rate Region 2195 Rs/KG
Kerosene Oil171.83 Rs/Ltr

Petrol Prices FAQS

#1) Today Petrol Price in Pakistan Per Liter/ Today Petroleum Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan right now the petrol price in 214.8 Rs/Ltr and high quality Euro V price is 256 Rs/Ltr.

#2) Who Regulate Petrol Prices in Pakistan?

OGRA is the regulatory authority in Pakistan who recommend petrol prices to government and finally Government decides to change petrol, diesel and other fuel prices in Pakistan.

#3) Which Petrol is Best for Cars?

Hi Octane petrol is best for high engine cars and for low engine cars RON 95 is good for them.

#4) Which Petrol Should I use in my Bike?

For 125 and 70cc motor cycles RON 87+ good for them but for high engine bikes Hi-octane petrol should be used.

#5) What is the Hi Octane Petroleum Prices in Pakistan

OGRA Oil and Gas regulatory authority failed to maintain Hi-Octane Petroleum price in Pakistan therefore you can expect different prices at different petrol pumps across Pakistan.

#6) High Quality Petroleum Available in Pakistan?

In the past before 2016 Pakistan had access to only low quality petrol and now Pakistan imports high quality RON 92 Petrol and oil companies working on Refining RON 97 Petrol.

#7) Why Petrol Prices Too Much Fluctuate in Pakistan?

Since COVID, 19 petroleum rate in Pakistan has been unstable, as well as in some other countries. OGRA and the government are responsible for maintaining the stable rate of Petrol in Pakistan. The global situation of oil and gas transformation is also responsible for Pakistan’s destabilization of petroleum prices.

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